Bittersweet, Ch 10 and News

Thanks for the great response to Chapter Nine! I know it got left on an awkward moment, but I think Chapter 10 is going to make you really happy.

So an update on how the end of the story is going. I am going to make a major story change which is going to be better for the story overall, but I have to rewrite like 80% of the chapters already completed. I’m already ready to do that, I’ll be jumping into that today, and hopefully I’ll be able to knock those out in the next week or so. I am not worried about running out of chapters because I can easily switch back to one chapter a week to give me more time.

It shouldn’t be too bad, because I know exactly what I’m going to write and I’ll have a three day weekend after the end of my winter practicum and the start of my spring student teacher seminar.

Bittersweet, Chapter 10


  • Hey Melissa,

    I’m not sure how much this matters if I’m the only one who noticed but somehow your chapters got reshuffled after Chapter 9. Now, since you added CH. 10, the next button goes from CH. 10 to CH. 9 to CH. 1 and so on but you can’t even go backward from 9 so it’s like 10, 9, and then you start at 1. I know that doesn’t make sense but you’ll see what I mean when you check.


    According to EternalLiason on January 11, 2018