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First time in weeks that Bittersweet is going to be updated on time. Super exhausted, so no witty chatting here. I’ll be back this weekend (I think) with something.


Chapter Nineteen


  • In this fic, Carly and Sonny both seem adamant that AJ caused her to miscarry when that isn’t how it happened. He never touched her before she fell. People blamed him for arguing with her on the stairs, but she’s the one who was pregnant and she was perfectly willing to fight there. Carly had done some vile things to AJ before that ever happened. I never understood that about GH, that somehow Carly was a victim. Maybe she was a victim of her own nasty mouth, or her inability to walk away and avoid a potentially dangerous confrontation, but that’s all I will ever give her.

    She jumped right in and started trying to make Bobbie feelt guilty, for such outrageous things as loving BJ more. BJ was a sweet little girl; why wouldn’t Bobbie love her? Carly is vicious.

    I always thought it was a trip that Carly blamed Bobbie for giving her up for adoption. Did she really think living in a whorehouse would have been a better life? Carly is stupid but we’re expected to believe she ever made any sense.

    According to Jane on February 28, 2018