Workshop Update & Mad World Revisions

Hey! I’m working on an idea for a Halloween story, so here’s a 40 minutes addition. Supposed to be a Micro Fiction, but eh, what are you gonna do?


I’ve finished most of the prep work for revising Mad World, and I’ll be digging into it either later today, tonight, or tomorrow — at some point this weekend. I’ve gone over the outline and added about six or seven extra chapters of content and moved around a ton of the back half of the story. Hoping to get the new content written over the next week, and then spend the last two weeks of October editing the rest of it so I can send it to Cora in November. At that point, I’ll be finishing Bittersweet for NaNoWriMo.

Just based on scheduling and availability, I’m looking at sometime in January for you guys to start getting Mad World. I’ll be more specific as we get closer.

While you’re waiting on Mad World, look for more work shop entries. I’ve got some idea for the smaller micro pieces, but I also have two concepts going on in the hour set (the Sky is Falling one as well as bringing back the Scottish story). I’m making a concentrated effort to produce more content, even if it’s these smaller pieces.

I’m looking to create a new layout in celebration of Steve’s return so I’m going to be overhauling my Online section which is woefully out of date. If you have a site or know of one you’d like me to put on the page, please leave it in the comments!

(Who else is just waiting for the day Real!Jason gets back to Port Charles and says Elizabeth’s name? I don’t need them together right away, I just need him to say her name. No one does it like he does.)


  • Haven’t even bothered to watch YouTube clips yet because everything I read and trailers I’ve seen have this Real Jason story too focused on everyone but Elizabeth. I need him to say her name the way he used to – – not in some “new” — totally unconnected way that further destroys or ignores history. And, my confidence in GH to at least honor their history if not make sense of it is not high. Though, my hope is the actors will still find a way:)

    On a more positive note . . . Yay for more content from you!!!! It is so much better than anything the GH writers do.

    According to Living Liason on October 6, 2017
  • I’m really looking forward to Mad World. Nothing quite like a good story being revised and made even better.

    According to Jane on October 6, 2017