So I’ve avoided creating this pages for many moons mostly because I wasn’t posting very much and felt bad asking for any kind of support. I think I linked my Patreon page once or twice back when I first opened it, but not since then.

The truth is that Crimson Glass costs me about $26 a month in hosting fees and another $15 a year in domain registration.  It used to be a lot cheaper for my hosting plan — I used to pay around $10. However, because Crimson Glass uses WordPress, it takes a lot more resources to use. About two years ago, when the site kept timing out, I upgraded to a virtual private server which just meant I got to use more resources but apparently I was on a promotional price. A year ago, my costs went from about $11 to that $26 and there are just some months I’ve struggled to get it paid.

However, the upgrade allowed so much of the content to be organized, added, and maintained, in addition to the mailing list that powers the updates. I could switch over to a message board that would be free, but I’ve never been super satisfied running one of those. I’ve always pretty much had my own site, designed and coded by my own hands.

What you get at Crimson Glass is, I think, a little unique, as well. It’s my entire backlist of more than twenty novels and around 50-70 short stories. It stretches back fifteen years, too (which isn’t always a good thing, ha, based on quality of writing.) I also provide ebooks for some of the stories (not as many as I’d like but I’m getting there).

I’d love to branch out into hosting other fanfiction authors who like the set up I use her (with the categories, comments, etc.) but that’s kind of far off in the future. (Anyone who’s interested in that, let me know. I’ve wondered if there’s any desire for that).

Anyway, the real reason I’m posting this now is that this year, I’m not working at my primary job as much due to student teaching requirements. This semester, I have to do 30 hours of field experience and next semester, I’ll be working every day for no money for four months at least. I’ve taken out some additional loans to get me through, but my website budget is a bit more of my monthly budget than I’m comfortable with

So the way Patreon works is that you subscribe to it, like a monthly pledge of support.  I’m not looking for you guys to pay this so I can do it for free, I promise. The second I’m back to work full-time after I get my teaching license, I won’t have to worry so much.

So what do you get if you support the site? The pleasure of helping me? Sure. Buuuttt I’ve got a few ideas for rewards.  If you subscribe at $1 a month, you can look at all the stories and request either a first chapter for something that’s coming soon or an update to something I haven’t done anything with in a while.  For  $5, I’ll write you any short story you request (want a Liason story set in space? I’ll make it happen.)

In addition, I’ll be posting more Patreon reward posts in general — access to upcoming chapters, maybe preliminary outlines to ask for plotting help.

There is literally no pressure for this. If you can help out, that’s great. Even if it’s for a month and it’s a dollar. I swear every bit would be appreciated it. If not, don’t worry. I’ve been there 🙂

So check out the Patreon page if you’re interested!


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