By Title

Stories are organized alphabetically, but if they begin with A, An, or The, they’re listed by the second word in the title. The Best Thing is under B, A Few Words Too Many is under F, etc.

In parentheses, you will find the location of this story for future reference. The Best Thing is in the In Progress Section while The Witness is on the Alternate History page. I have omitted the word Complete for Alternate History and Alternate Universe because, well, it’s unnecessary.

Stories like Choose Your Moment and If I Don’t Try are part of larger series, but are listed here separately as they were either well known on their own before they became part of series or their series name isn’t as well known. They will either link to the series page as a whole or to their specific story post.

Note: I have started to add summaries to this page, but it may take some time to finish completely .


Accidental Fate (Short Stories)
The Adventures of Lucky and Lizzie (Series)
Again (Ficlets)
All I Want For Christmas (Alternate Universe)
All of Me (Series)
All We Are (Alternate History)
Always an Angel (Short Stories)
Another Dumb Blonde (Alternate History)
Apologies (Short Stories)
Applications and Admirations (Short Stories)
Aurora Dawning (Alternate Universe)


Back at Jake’s (Short Stories)
Bad Taste (Ficlets)
A Beautiful Memory (Ficlets)
The Best Thing (History)
Bittersweet (In Progress): Set in April 2002. After Carly is believed dead when her car is run off the same cliff road that took Brenda several years yearlier, the people around her pick up the pieces. A complete rewrite of The Sisters.
Breathe (Short Stories)


Catch Me When I Fall (Ficlets)
Carly and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Ficlets)
Choose Your Moment (Series: Life For Rent)
Come Clean (Alternate History)
Come On Eileen (In Progress)
Coming Home (Short Stories)
Cry Ophelia (Short Stories)


Damaged (Alterante Realities)
Daughter to Father (Short Stories)
Daughters (Alternate Universe)
A Day to Remember (Short Stories)
Distrust (Ficlets)
Do You Ever Think of Me? (Short Stories)


Eavesdropping (Ficlets)
Eternity (Ficlets)
Everything I Do (Alternate History)
Everytime (Short Stories)


A Few Words Too Many (Alternate History)
First Do No Harm (Alternate History)


Good Associations (Series)
Good Intentions (Short Stories)


Hand Me Down (Alternate Realities)
He’s Got Your Hair (Ficlets)
Home For Christmas (Ficlets)


I Love The Way You Lie (Ficlets)
I Shall Believe (Alternate History)
I Surrender (Short Stories)
I’ll Believe It’s Not My Fault (Short Stories)
If I Don’t Try With You (Alternate Realities: Hand Me Down)
In The Family (Alternate Universe)
Intoxication (Alternate History)
It’s Meant the World (Ficlets)


Jaded (Alternate Universe)
Jealousy (Ficlets)
Just A Switch (Short Stories)




Left Behind (Short Stories)
Life For Rent (Series)
Life Goes On (Ficlets)
Life’s Little Quirks (Alternate Universe)
Lizzie Does Thanksgiving (Short Stories)
Lullabyes (Alternate Reality: Hand Me Down)


A Matter of Respect (Ficlets)
A Merry Little Christmas (Short Stories)
Mirrors (Ficlets)
More Than Words (Ficlets)
Murphy’s Law (Ficlets)


No Angel (Short Stories)
No One Else Sees Me (History): Set in Fall 2002. Stream of consciousness story Elizabeth First-Person POV in which she deals with the nonsense in her life.
Noel (History)
North Star (History)


One Last Time (Ficlets)
Other People’s Truths (Short Stories)


A Pale Shadow (Ficlets)
Playing the Game (Short Stories)
Please Remember (Short Stories)
Precipice (Ficlets)




The Real Story (Short Stories)
Repetitions (Ficlets)
Rest in Pieces (Alternate History)
Rivalry (Alternate Universe)


Safe to Love You (Short Stories)
Sanctuary (Alternate History)
Sand and Water (Ficlets)
A Second Chance (Alternate History)
See You Later (Ficlets)
Shadows (Alternate History)
She’ll Be Gone (Ficlets)
Silent Debates (Ficlets)
Sliding Doors (Ficlets)
Slipping Away (Ficlets)
Somebody Save Me (Short Stories)
Some Say Love (Ficlets)
Spinning On An Axis (Alterate History)
Surviving The Past (Alternate Universe)


Take Me By The Hand (Series)
Tell the Truth (Alternate History)
There Are (Short Stories)
The Things You Can’t Undo (Ficlets)
This Is The Day (Ficlets)
Timing (Ficlets)
Too Dead To Cry (Ficlets)
Traditions (Short Stories)
Truths (Series)
Turning Points (In Progress)
Two Strikes (Ficlets)


Unexpected (Ficlets)




Waiting At Home (Alternate Universe)
What Makes You Happy (Ficlets)
What Would Happen (Alterante Universe)
When You’re Done (Ficlets)
Where Can We Go From Here? (Short Stories, sequel to Please Remember)
The Witness (Alternate History)
Worth (Ficlets)




Yesterday Is Gone (Short Stories)
Yesterdays (Alternate Universe)
You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Short Stories)
Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman (Ficlets)



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