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Stories are organized alphabetically, but if they begin with A, An, or The, they’re listed by the second word in the title. The Best Thing is under B, A Few Words Too Many is under F, etc.

In parentheses, you will find the location of this story for future reference. The Best Thing is in the In Progress Section while The Witness is on the Alternate History page. I have omitted the word Complete for Alternate History and Alternate Universe because, well, it’s unnecessary.

Stories like Choose Your Moment and If I Don’t Try are part of larger series, but are listed here separately as they were either well known on their own before they became part of series or their series name isn’t as well known. They will either link to the series page as a whole or to their specific story post.

Note: I have started to add summaries to this page, but it may take some time to finish completely .


Accidental Fate (Short Stories)
The Adventures of Lucky and Lizzie (Series)
Again (Ficlets) Set July 2003. Ric decides how to move forward. 
All I Want For Christmas (Alternate Universe)
All of Me (Series)
All We Are (Alternate History) Set in Fall 2006. As Elizabeth plans to take a paternity test, she learns she has been suspended from her job, suspected of providing Lucky with pills. Ric gives her an ultimatum: Lose your job, your child, and go to jail or testify against Jason. She turns to Jason for help, but their solution may just end up causing them more problems than they can solve.
Always an Angel (Short Stories)
Another Dumb Blonde (Alternate History) Set in February 2003. After Carly wakes up in bed with Ric, she begins to reevaluate her life and the people in it
Apologies (Short Stories)
Applications and Admirations (Short Stories)
Aurora Dawning (Alternate Universe)


Back at Jake’s (Short Stories)
Bad Taste (Ficlets) Set Fall 2006. Elizabeth learns the kind of man the father of her child is. 
A Beautiful Memory (Ficlets) Alternate Universe. Emily’s daughter remembers Elizabeth.
The Best Thing (History) Set in 2004. Sam died giving birth to her daughter and left custody to Jason, whom everyone believes is the father. He and Elizabeth reconnect over the next year as he struggles to keep his promise to Sam while balancing his loyalties to Sonny and Carly. Even as they fall in love, a dangerous power struggle is building that threatens every one in its path.
Bittersweet (In Progress): Set in April 2002. After Carly is believed dead when her car is run off the same cliff road that took Brenda several years yearlier, the people around her pick up the pieces. A complete rewrite of The Sisters.
Blood Will Tell (Ficlet) Set circa 2019. After Jake finds out his father is not the man married to Sam, but someone else entirely, he sets out to figure out his family once and for all. And Elizabeth takes his results to Sam. 
Breathe (Short Stories)


Cast Me Gently (Ficlets) Set August 2015. After Luke and Lucky bring Jake home, Elizabeth has an eerie dream visitor. 
Catch Me When I Fall (Ficlets) Set September 2002. A montage challenge with four couples.
Carly and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (Ficlets) Set 2006. Carly sees something no person should ever see. She should learn to knock. 
Choose Your Moment (Series: Life For Rent)
Come Clean (Alternate History) Set in March 2004. When Emily and Nikolas ask Jason to lie to the PCPD and sign a statement saying Andy Capelli admitted to killing Zander, Jason does what no one else has. He asks Elizabeth what she wants to do.
Come On Eileen (In Progress)
Coming Home (Short Stories)
Cry Ophelia (Short Stories)


Damaged (Alterante Realities)
Daughter to Father (Short Stories)
Daughters (Alternate Universe)
A Day to Remember (Short Stories)
Distrust (Ficlets) Set September 2003. Jason visits Elizabeth after Courtney is being let out on a technicality.
Do You Ever Think of Me? (Short Stories)


Eavesdropping (Ficlets) Alternate Universe. Elizabeth hits on Jason while working at Kelly’s.
Eternity (Ficlets) Set November 2002. Jason learn Brenda isn’t ill.
Everything I Do (Alternate History) Set in February 2003. Jason is faced with a choice no one should ever have to make.
Everytime (Short Stories)


A Few Words Too Many (Alternate History) Set in Spring 2003. When Elizabeth learns the extent of Ric’s crimes, she resolves to protect her child from him at any cost, but is she prepared to pay the price?
First Do No Harm (Alternate History) Set in Fall 2007. After a vicious custody battle ends with Elizabeth losing custody of her two young children, a picture begins to emerge of the events that led up to it.


Ghosts of Elizabeths Past (Ficlet) Set October 2017.  After Franco asks Elizabeth to lie about the photograph and Jason’s twin brother.
Good Associations (Series)
Good Intentions (Short Stories)


Hand Me Down (Alternate Realities)
He’s Got Your Hair (Ficlets) Alternate Universe. What can go wrong, will go wrong. Follow up to Murphy’s Law. 
Home For Christmas (Ficlets) Alternate Universe. Jason is an FBI agent trying like hell to get home for his daughter’s first Christmas.


I Love The Way You Lie (Ficlets) Set Spring 2014. Elizabeth ruminates about the lies you tell others and the ones you tell yourself. 
I Shall Believe (Alternate History) Set in Fall 2003. Sonny’s in jail for shooting Carly, Courtney’s taken the boys out of town, Carly can’t feel anything–except her love for Lorenzo, Elizabeth is pregnant and Jason’s trying to keep it all together
I Surrender (Short Stories)
I’ll Believe It’s Not My Fault (Short Stories)
If I Don’t Try With You (Alternate Realities: Hand Me Down)
In The Family (Alternate Universe)
Intoxication (Alternate History) Set in May 2003. Elizabeth Lansing suffers a miscarriage and Sonny Corinthos is the prime suspect. The world begins to fall apart around them as she deals with her devastation, Sonny comes face to face with one of his greatest fears, Carly confronts her selfishness and Jason hits rock bottom.
It’s Meant the World (Ficlets) Set December 2002. After Jason sleeps with Courtney, he tells Elizabeth. 


Jaded (Alternate Universe)
Jealousy (Ficlets) Set 2002. Courtney and Elizabeth discuss Jason as the anti-happy person. 
Just A Switch (Short Stories)




Left Behind (Short Stories)
Life For Rent (Series)
Life Goes On (Ficlets) Set July 2004. Jason finds comfort after Lila’s death.
Life’s Little Quirks (Alternate Universe)
A Line in the Sand (Ficlet) Set August 2015.Terrified by the lengths Nikolas will go to protect his stock in ELQ, Elizabeth comes clean.
Lizzie Does Thanksgiving (Short Stories)
Lullabyes (Alternate Reality: Hand Me Down)


A Matter of Respect (Ficlets) Set Late 2007. Cooper Barrett has a request to make of Sonny.
A Merry Little Christmas (Short Stories)
Mirrors (Ficlets) Set Fall 2006. Elizabeth decides to let Sam and Nikolas know exactly what she thinks of their hypocrisy.
More Than Words (Ficlets) Set August 2003. Jason and Elizabeth find comfort in the wake of Emily’s cancer.
Murphy’s Law (Ficlets) Alternate Universe. Elizabeth is stopped for speeding by an officer of the law. 


No Angel (Short Stories)
No One Else Sees Me (History): Set in Fall 2002. Stream of consciousness story Elizabeth First-Person POV in which she deals with the nonsense in her life.
Noel (History) Set at Christmas, 2005. A Christmas Carol in Port Charles with Jason as Scrooge.
North Star (History) Set in February 2006. Robin, Patrick and Carly–a combination that’s just waiting to explode. As Patrick deals with Noah’s health problems, he begins to realize that there’s more to Dr. Scorpio that meets the eye


One Last Time (Ficlets) Set Summer 2003. Jason and Elizabeth have a secret.
Other People’s Truths (Short Stories)


A Pale Shadow (Ficlets) Set Late 2002. Power is the ability to walk away from something you desire to protect someone you love.
Playing the Game (Short Stories)
Please Remember (Short Stories)
Precipice (Ficlets) Set 2006. A sister grieves.




The Real Story (Short Stories)
Repetitions (Ficlets) Set Spring 2006. Why did Robin think Patrick had made a bet to sleep with her?
Rest in Pieces (Alternate History) Set in Fall 2003. Elizabeth becomes pregnant unexpectedly and Jason is the father. What does that mean for his future marriage to Courtney and their friendship?
Rivalry (Alternate Universe)


Safe to Love You (Short Stories)
Sanctuary (Alternate History) Set in Summer 2006. Robin and Patrick are stunned to learn they’re having a baby together, despite having broken up weeks earlier. Building a family with one another will be difficult, but so worth it.
Sand and Water (Ficlets) Set June 2003. Faith justifies her actions.
A Second Chance (Alternate History) Set at Christmas, 1999 & 2002. A strange miracle brings Elizabeth a second chance at happiness
See You Later (Ficlets) Set 2002. Elizabeth prepares to leave Port Charles for an art opportunity in San Francisco. 
Shadows (Alternate History) Set in 2004. After the hotel fire and the death of Zander Smith, Elizabeth struggles with her devastating guilt while Jason tries to keep Sonny and Carly from destroying the boy he loves like a son.
She’ll Be Gone (Ficlets) Set April 2003. What goes through your head five seconds before they pull the trigger?
Silent Debates (Ficlets) Set 2003. Georgie’s mad at Dillon and he’s going to know it.
Sliding Doors (Ficlets) Set Winter 2006. Patrick Drake and elevators are a dangerous combination. 
Slipping Away (Ficlets) Set August 2003. Emily receives a visit from her brother. 
Somebody Save Me (Short Stories)
Some Say Love (Ficlets) Set 2002. Elizabeth comes to the penthouse for a jacket she left behind. 
Spinning On An Axis (Alterate History) Set in Fall 2002. Elizabeth learns that she’s not who she thought she was and that occasionally, forgiveness is worth the risk.
Surviving The Past (Alternate Universe)


Take Me By The Hand (Series)
Tell the Truth (Alternate History) Set in January 2003. Elizabeth and Courtney have been called as witnesses in the State vs. Jason Morgan and Brenda Barrett-Morgan. Hilarity and ridiculousness ensue.
There Are (Short Stories)
The Things You Can’t Undo (Ficlets) Set February 14, 2014. Between Elizabeth’s confrontation with Britt and Nikolas’s arrival home.
This Is The Day (Ficlets) Set 2004. Elizabeth makes a decision.
Timing (Ficlets) Set February 2004. Elizabeth won’t walk away from Jason when he’s in trouble.
Too Dead To Cry (Ficlets) Set September 2002. Jason returns to the penthouse during Sonny’s false death.
Traditions (Short Stories)
Truths (Series)
Turning Points (In Progress)
Two Strikes (Ficlets) Set Fall 2006. Elizabeth confides in Patrick to his chagrin.


Unexpected (Ficlets) Set May 2003. Ric wants to prove his love to Elizabeth one last time. 




Waiting At Home (Alternate Universe)
What Makes You Happy (Ficlets) Set January 2003. Jason finds Brenda on the docks after her failed marriage to Jax.
What Would Happen (Alternate Universe)
When You’re Done (Ficlets) Set 2002. Jason tries to stop Elizabeth before she takes off with Luke and Lucky.
Where Can We Go From Here? (Short Stories, sequel to Please Remember)
The Witness (Alternate History) Set in June 2006. When one of Port Charles’ most beloved citizens is critically injured, suspicion falls to the most unlikely of suspects for the most shocking reasons. Fasten your seatbelts, Port Charles. This is about to get messy.
Worth (Ficlets) Set Winter 2006. Diego Sanchez thinks about Georgie in jail.




Yesterday Is Gone (Short Stories)
Yesterdays (Alternate Universe)
You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Short Stories)
Your Friendly Neighborhood Spiderman (Ficlets) Set 2007. Patrick prepares to make an important decision regarding the woman in his life.



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