In Progress Stories

On this page, you will find the stories that I am currently writing. I used to post stories that I was actively writing, even if I hadn’t started posting them yet, but well–that got confusing. So once stories are posted, they show up here.

Alternate History

Stories are listed in chronological order by year in which they are set.

bittersweet Bittersweet
Set in April 2002. After walking out on a disastrous wedding and unhappy relationship, Elizabeth Webber promised herself a fresh start. She moved into Bobbie’s Brownstone with Gia Campbell as an unlikely ally, and befriended AJ Quartermaine’s new wife and Sonny Corinthos’ long-lost sister, Courtney Matthews.

When Carly Corinthos goes missing after a car accident at Vista Point, Jason Morgan is forced to return to Port Charles, testing Elizabeth’s resolve to put all her bad decisions behind her. AJ begins to plan for a custody battle for Michael Benson which pits brother against brother, and putting Elizabeth right in the middle.
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth,  AJ/Courtney,  Bobbie, Gia, Zander, Sonny, Alexis, Edward, Ned
Stage: Chapter Twenty-One posted 03/12/2018)

turningpoints Turning Points
Set in Spring 2006. Elizabeth Webber walks through a door and everything changes. Choose Your Adventure type story in which you offer suggestions to write the next part.
Status: Part 5 added 2 May 2014
Couples/Characters: Jason, Elizabeth, Lucky, Sam, Patrick/Robin, Carly, Sonny
Fool Me Twice
Set February 2018. Elizabeth Webber is no stranger to bad romances and violent men, but now her worst mistake will come back to haunt her and threaten the lives of the boys she’s worked so hard to raise. This story is a workshop draft. Please see the link for more details.
Status: In Workshop
Couples/Characters: Elizabeth, Jason, Franco, Carly, Sonny, Jake, Cameron, Aiden, Griffin, Ava, Dante, Lulu, Laura

Alternate Universe

None at the moment

Novellas & Short Stories

eileen Come On Eileen
Set in 2006. A fun fluff story in which Robin, Brenda and Elizabeth plan an 80s bash to raise money for AIDs research.
Status: Writing (Stage 3)
Couples/Characters: Robin, Brenda, Elizabeth, Jason, Patrick, Carly, Ned


  • Why can’t I read the in progress stories. What going on? I touch the title and nothing happens. Help

    According to angelbabydown on May 11, 2014
  • Some of the stories I’ve listed as in progress are not available yet to read. Only Turning Points is online so far. Keep an eye on my updates, and The Best Thing and These Small Hours will be along before you know it.

    According to Melissa on May 11, 2014
  • I am going to try to be patient in waiting for All We Are. That looks like a really intense premise. RL always seemed like a manipulative, two-faced Judas/Janus kind of character.

    According to Carla on December 23, 2014