August 14, 2018

Notes: This is an episode tag to 13 August 2018 after Cameron has been hauled into the PCPD for shoplifting where Elizabeth was already bailing out Franco for pulling a fire alarm.  Jason gotten Carly out of Ferncliffe, helped Robert with Anna, and is now going to back to actually living his own damn life.. *ahem* Anyway.

It’s a bit of an awkward ending because I could probably do more with this but I don’t have the time.

Webber Home: Living Room

Elizabeth Webber glanced at her watch and then at the door with an irritated sigh. Cameron was going to really push this, wasn’t he? He knew he was supposed to come home right after work—that he was grounded until she was done being pissed at him, but here he was—two minutes late. He’d asked to stay late at the camp today to help set up something for the next day, and she’d agreed. Had she been mistaken?

She cleared her throat and leaned over her youngest son’s shoulder to peer at his iPad where he was, as always, watching some nonsensical video on YouTube where someone else played video games. God, what ever happened to just playing the games yourself? She’d spent a fortune on consoles—what more did these boys want—

Elizabeth exhaled slowly, closed her eyes, and caught herself.

She sounded her mother. Or at least like Elizabeth remembered her mother sounding. She hadn’t seen Carolyn Webber in twenty years. More than, Elizabeth realized as she did the math in her head. She’d moved to Port Charles at the age of sixteen in 1997. So…yeah, twenty-one years.

The front door swung open and Cameron stopped in, a black book bag hitched over his shoulder, his purple Lila’s Kids t-shirt and a pair of shorts. He flashed her a look, irritation simmering in those blue eyes. He closed the door behind him and lifted his chin.

Waiting for her to flip out on being late.

Oh, God, this was definitely her kid. No doubt about it.  And for the first time in her entire life, there was a smidgen of sympathy for her parents.

And because she knew exactly what he was waiting for, Elizabeth bit back the angry retort and merely lifted a brow. “How was work?”

Cameron glared at her and then stormed past her, his sneakers thudding on each and every step until his door slammed shut.

“He’s so dramatic,” Aiden Spencer declared with a roll of his eyes. “Someone should tell him that the Oscars don’t nominate anyone this early.”

She ruffled his chestnut brown hair and sighed. “I guess I should go talk to him. When Jake gets back from baseball practice, let me know. We’ll figure out something for dinner.”

Elizabeth climbed the stairs, careful to keep her steps quiet. When she stood in front of her son’s door, she knocked.

“Go away,” Cameron’s sullen voice drifted through the wood. “I’m back in my cell. I have constitutional rights. I get to remain silent.”

“Wow, one arrest and you already know your Miranda Rights. I’m impressed.”

Cameron yanked the door open and scowled—his permanent facial expression since his grounding the week before. “Well, you were there bailing Franco out. Again. So, I guess you know them, too.”

Fair point, but Elizabeth wasn’t going to let him see that. “Actually, I heard them for the first time when I was arrested.”

Her son hesitated because now she’d gotten his attention, but he didn’t want to admit it. Finally, curiosity won out—because he was her kid—and sighed. “Why were you arrested?”

“Which time?” Elizabeth asked. “You think you’re the first Webber to be rebellious and scowling? Please. I invented it.”

Cameron huffed and slunk away to throw himself on his bed. But he left his door open which Elizabeth took as an invitation.

“Franco thinks you’re acting out because you don’t get enough attention at home,” she said, perching on the edge of his bed. Cameron sat up and crossed his legs. “I know that’s why I started to be a pain in the ass. I tried, you know, to be the kind of kid my parents wanted. I tried to do well in school like Steven and Sarah, but…” She shrugged. “It was boring, and we never did anything I wanted.”

“I like school,” Cameron said in a mutter.

“The first time I was hauled into a police station, I was your age,” Elizabeth admitted. She tilted her head at him. “I should have remembered that. It wasn’t for shoplifting but for smoking. I was hanging out in the park and smoking with a bunch of older kids.”

“You smoked?” Cameron asked with a skeptical eye. “You hate that crap.”

“I do. But I thought it would make my parents look at me. So, I did it. I stole money to get my cigarettes, I used my lunch money—I was kind of at the point that any attention would be better than just being none.  I always felt like…the one that didn’t fit with the rest of the family.”

He hesitated, then asked, “Is that why we don’t talk to your parents? I’ve never met them.”

“They always made excuses why they couldn’t visit me,” Elizabeth said. “And eventually, I stopped asking. My mother had been offered this amazing opportunity, but then she found out she was pregnant with me and had to give it up. They couldn’t travel when she was pregnant.” She shrugged. “I guess I always wondered if they decided I hadn’t been worth the sacrifice.”

Cameron frowned, shook his head. “That’s not fair. It’s not your fault.”

“Yeah, I know, but it took some time for me to realize that. It’s hard when you realize you weren’t planned, and that maybe, all things considered, your parents wouldn’t have had you. And you know it’s true because they took the first opportunity to leave you behind.” Her chest felt tight and Elizabeth looked away, her eyes starting to burn.

“I wasn’t planned, was I?”

“What?” Elizabeth looked back at him, startled. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, I don’t know a lot about my biological dad, but it’s not like you decided to have a kid with him.” Cameron bit his lip. “Did you have to make sacrifices for me?”

She studied him for a long moment, then decided to be honest with him. “Yeah. I had to grow up. Get a real job. Stop making bad choices. I’m not so sure I nailed that last part, but I went into the nursing program because I knew I could get really good benefits and a decent salary.” She waited a moment. “You weren’t planned, no, Cameron.” She managed a small smile. “None of my boys were planned.”

Cameron cleared his throat. “Are you…are you sorry?”

“Not for a single day,” Elizabeth told him. “Everything else about my life may go to tell, but you boys are everything to me. And I guess…I wonder if maybe I haven’t shown you that. Do you feel like you’re not—that I’m doing enough?”

“I don’t know. I guess…” Cameron looked away and shrugged. “I wanted those earbuds. I knew we couldn’t afford them, but…Jake has a pair.”

“He does?”

“And so does Aiden.”

“Oh.” Elizabeth furrowed her brows. “I didn’t buy them—”

“They were Christmas gifts. When Grandma Laura bought Aiden that iPad…it came with those earbuds. And so did Jake’s. He got it from Drew and Sam.”

And there was no one to buy expensive gifts like that for Cameron. He wasn’t Drew’s nephew, Jason’s son, Laura’s grandson. Neither Elizabeth nor Audrey could afford expensive gifts like that.

“I didn’t realize that, I’m sorry.” And how did she fix this? “Cam—”

“It’s…I don’t know. A couple of times I know that someone was going to adopt me. Lucky was supposed to, but he didn’t. And he only calls Aiden now.” Cameron picked at a loose thread on the bedspread. “And Drew was going to adopt me before he—got those memories back. I don’t know if Jason wanted to when you guys were dating, but—”

“Do you want Franco—”

“No.” Cameron’s eyes flashed. “No. He’s not my father.”

Okay, something was clearly happening here. “I thought you liked Franco,” she said softly. “At the wedding—”

“The one where he stood you up? Humiliated you?” Cameron shook his head. “No, I don’t want him to adopt me. He’s not my father. I don’t want him to be. He’s part of the reason you never have time for me or Aiden.” And reluctantly, he added, “And I guess Jake. But I get it about Jake. He was gone, and we thought he was dead. That really—that was awful. And I know it’s been hard on him since he came home. I’m glad he’s doing better. I am.”

Elizabeth took a deep breath. “Okay.” She closed her eyes. “Okay. I’m still not happy about the shop lifting. I used to get in a lot of trouble, Cam. And I made my life miserable trying to get people to see me. I lied, I cheated, and yeah, I stole. I hated it when Gram found out. She would just look at me with this expression, and I can—I can hear her now. ‘Oh, Elizabeth’, she’d say, and sigh. The only thing worse than not getting any attention was hearing disappointment.”

“Yeah, I know that look. I—” Cameron paused. “I’m sorry I said we were too poor, Mom. I know how hard you’ve always worked. I know you’re always working a double shift to pay for something extra. I just…I wish you—” He stopped. “I wish you had someone to help.”

“I—” She stopped, because she’d been about to say Franco helped. But did he? His income was erratic, and his art therapy was a volunteer program. They’d never really…gotten into a habit paying for things together. She still…paid for everything. Including the bail from the day before.

She hadn’t thought about it before. And neither Lucky nor Jason paid her child support. She’d never wanted it, but—wouldn’t it be nice to just…not always scrimp and save? To stretch every penny?

“I wish I did, too,” Elizabeth admitted. “Cam, I don’t expect you to tell me everything in your head. I get that you need to keep things to yourself. I don’t want to be that kind of parent, but—I am here. And I love you. So…let’s just…you’ve been grounded a week. Let’s leave it at that. If you want something—and I mean, you really want something, come to me. Don’t think we can’t work something out.”

“Thanks, Mom.” He hesitated. “You never made me feel like I was a sacrifice. I just—I wondered, that’s all. I know you love me.”

She ruffed his hair as she left, and then went to her bedroom where she locked the door, sat on her own bed, and cried, muffling the sobs with her pillow.

Elm St. Pier

When Elizabeth had lived in an apartment around the corner from the pier, she had always taken five minutes for herself on her way home from the hospital, sat on the bench, and just looked out over the lake.

It had given her time to decompress from a difficult shift or another argument with Lucky—and it had been something that helped her keep her sanity during those difficult times.

Once she’d moved to Lexington Avenue, into a nicer residential neighborhood, the pier had no longer been on her way home, and she’d had two children by then so even five minutes was difficult to spare. Any free moment had been spent with first Jason, and then with Nikolas.

What terrible decisions she’d made, and God, the damage she’d done to her boys. How many men had she brought into Cameron’s life? How many times had her little boy built up the hope of having a father only for it to come crashing back down?

Knowing that her boys would be at camp for another half hour, Elizabeth decided to take five minutes and go sit in the pier—even though it was completely out of her way.

She sat on the bench, wrapped her arms around her torso, and closed her eyes, letting the fresh water scene of the lake and the sounds of the dock workers nearby drift in and out of her mind

Elizabeth heard the steps as they approached the pier—she hadn’t thought about the pier being so close to the wharf where the Corinthos-Morgan warehouse stood. It had been so long since she’d had to think about that—

Jason hesitantly approached, and she felt a half smile form on her face. How many times had they found one another here over the years?  And then the smile faded. Because that friendship was gone. She’d killed it—first with lying about Danny and putting him in danger from Heather Webber—and then trying time and time again to create peace between Jason and Franco.

“Hey,” she said after a long moment.

“Hey.” As if also remembering the past, Jason followed their old pattern and sat at the other end of the bench, slightly turned towards her. “I haven’t seen you here in a while.”

“I was just thinking about that,” she murmured. “I came down here all the time when I lived in the apartment. I can pretty much admit to myself now that I was usually hoping to run into you.” She managed an actual smile this time. “It’s nice to see you coming up those steps. Coming from work. I didn’t—” Elizabeth shook her head. “I’m not sure I’ve even told you how—God, how happy I am that you’re here. That Drew wasn’t you.”

“I thought you wanted Drew to be me.” Jason frowned. “Isn’t that—”

“I told myself a lot of things that summer. I was already half in love with Drew when Nikolas told me the truth, and actually, the fact that Drew was supposed to be you was a huge blow. Because I knew he’d leave if he found out the truth. Of course, I made sure he’d leave when I lied to him. I just…you know how messed up I was after Jake’s accident. I did a lot of things I’m not proud of.” She met his eyes, and she knew they were both thinking of the lie she’d told about Danny.

“I never held it against you. I knew—losing Jake broke me, and I wasn’t even really in his life.” Jason stared out over the lake. “But he came home.”

“He did. And I guess…lying to Drew, putting off the inevitable…was my way to making sure Jake got to keep him in his life. Or is that me rationalizing it again? I do that a lot. Explain and defend things that can’t be defended.”

“Are you all right?” Jason asked. She looked at him and her breath caught—because there it was. That concerned you’re my friend and I care what happens look. God, she didn’t even know how much she’d missed it until this moment.

“I don’t know,” she said slowly. “I’ve tried hard to be a good mother. I know I’m better than my mother was. But you know…there have been times that my choices that I tell myself I’m making for my boys—they’re actually for me. And they backfire. A lot.” She exhaled slowly. “I told myself that lying to you about Jake all those years ago—that was to protect you and Sam. To protect Lucky. But I was really protecting myself and Jake. I was afraid you wouldn’t—that you wouldn’t love him. That he’d be a mistake.”


“And it’s stupid because of course that was never going to happen. I know you even walked away from him because you thought it was best.” She swiped at her eyes. “I tried to get back together with Lucky, so they’d have someone, but that was a disaster—a disaster I caused. And then you know, I got Jake hit by the car in the first place by not paying attention—”

“Hey—” His voice was sharp, but she couldn’t stop.

“I did okay for a while. I put them first for a few years. But lying about Drew—lying to keep him because I was so tired of being left alone—that destroyed my life. And it destroyed my boys.  Because I lost everyone. Only my grandmother stood by me. But they lost people, too. It took a long time for Drew to even be able to look at me—” She squeezed her eyes shut. “And that’s why Franco happened. Because I was lonely. And tired. And I just wanted someone to stay. He didn’t have anywhere else to go.”

“Elizabeth, what happened?” Jason asked. She felt him slide a bit closer. “I’ve seen the boys since I’ve been home. I know how well you’ve raised them.”

“Well, while I was at the PCPD bailing Franco out for doing something stupid as usual, I also got to pick Cameron up because he’d been hauled in for shoplifting.” Elizabeth sighed, her breath shaky as she exhaled. “And it was a pair of earbuds he hadn’t asked me for because he knew we couldn’t afford them. I thought—I thought it was just that. It was something he wanted. I could live with that. I was a stupid kid, you know? I shoplifted cigarettes. I stole. I cheated. I just—I thought I had to stick with him, try to be patient.”

“It wasn’t just the earbuds?” Jason asked softly.

“Aiden and Jake have them.” Elizabeth looked at him, tears sliding down her cheeks. “Because they have people in their lives who can afford them. Drew bought them for Jake at Christmas, and Laura bought them for Aiden. But Cam only has me. And I can’t afford to spend almost two hundred dollars on something like that when you can buy a cheaper pair for thirty—” She bit her lip. “He only has me. And I’m not enough.”

“Did Cameron say that?”

“No. But he didn’t have to. He doesn’t want a father. Made it very clear if Franco wanted to adopt him after we got married—he’d refuse. And he’s old enough to have a say.” She sighed. “He hates him. And somehow, I missed that. I can’t marry someone my kids hate. But I don’t know how I didn’t see—was I just ignoring the signs?”

“Even if you were, you’re not now. You can’t fix the past, Elizabeth. You know that.”

“Yeah.” Her phone rang, and Elizabeth pulled it from her purse, grimacing when she saw Franco’s name on the lock screen. She sighed, answered it. “Yeah?”

“Hey. Listen, I’m at the PCPD and—”

With a growl, Elizabeth hurled the phone out over the dock and she and Jason watched it as it slipped beneath the muddy water.

“Do you feel better?” Jason asked after a moment.

“Actually,” Elizabeth said slowly, “yeah, I do.” She hitched her bag over her shoulder and got to her feet. He followed suit. “Thanks.”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“You listened, and it’s been…it’s been a while.” She hesitated. “I mean it, Jason. When I saw you coming up those stairs, part of me—maybe that’s why I stopped coming down here. Because I knew you wouldn’t be here.” Elizabeth bit her lip, and then went with her instinct. She stepped towards him and hugged him tight, wrapping her arms around his neck. He slid his arms around her waist and hugged her back. “I’m glad you’re home.”

Port Charles Park: Lila’s Kids


Cameron was walking towards the parking lot, laughing with Joss Jacks. Behind them tagged a motley crew of their relatives—Jake and Aiden, and then Avery and Danny a bit further away. Cameron slowed when he saw his mother standing next to her car.

“Hey,” Cameron said with some hesitation. “Joss’s guards usually drop us off.”

“I know. I thought we’d grab some dinner on the way home.” She straightened. “Hey, Joss. You guys are welcome to join us.”

“Thanks, Ms. Webber, but Dad gets nervous when Avery doesn’t get home before dark, and I have to meet Oscar.”

“Mom, can Danny come with us?” Jake asked. “Today was his first day at camp, and it would be cool to be with all my brothers.”

Danny flashed his sweet smile and brown eyes at Elizabeth. “Jake said I get to have Cam and Aiden, too. Can I come?”

Elizabeth hesitated, because this was Sam’s kid, and she wasn’t sure how Sam would take that, but—he was also Jason’s son, and she knew what he’d say.

“Sure. Is Joss supposed to drop you at home? I’ll call your mom—”

“Oh, no,” Joss said and waved as a familiar dark SUV pulled into the lot. “It’s Jason’s week with Danny.”

Jason stepped out of his car and Danny ran at him. Jason lifted his son in the air and settled him at his waist as he approached the group. “Hey, Dad, guess what?” Danny told him. “I went on a water slide, and Jake showed me how to paint—look at my hands—” He spread his hands out for his father, which were covered in various paint colors.

“Sounds like you had a good first day.”

“Cam said this camp is named for my great-grandma who I never ever met, but he said she was really cool. Did you meet her, Cam?” Danny asked, twisting until Jason set him back on his feet. “Was she really awesome, Dad?”

“I never met her, but Aunt Emily used to tell me stories about her,” Cameron offered.

“I have an Aunt Emily, too. But she went away to Heaven before I met her. Mom said she was really nice even when she shouldn’t be and would have loved me. She was Dad’s sister.” Danny looked back at his father. “Cam has an Aunt Emily, too.”

“It’s the same Aunt Emily,” Elizabeth said. “She as my best friend in the whole world. We were like sisters.” Her chest tightened. Emily had been gone for so long—but God, it felt like just yesterday sometimes.

“Oh, okay.” Danny’s eyes grew wide. “Wait, if we have the same aunt, that really does make us family.” Danny slipped his hand into Cameron’s. “So you and Aiden are really my brothers, then.”

Elizabeth bit her lip, looked at Jason, who had a half smile. “Jake told Danny—”

“It’s cool,” Cameron said, with a shrug, “Hey, little guy, you know we’re not really related—”

“Not by blood,” Jason interjected. “But that’s not always what makes a family, right?” He looked at Elizabeth. “You and Emily didn’t need blood, and neither did Emily and me. And—she was adopted, did you know that?”

Cameron frowned, shook his head. “No, I didn’t—”

“My parents adopted her when she was a little younger than you, after her mom died,” Jason told them. “And after a while, it was like she’d always been there.”

“You’re never too old to find a family,” Elizabeth murmured, putting an arm around Jake—only because she knew Cameron would never allow it. So, she smiled at him instead.

“Good. It’s settled,” Danny said. He looked at Joss. “You can go. I’m going to have dinner with my brothers and my dad.”

“Sure. See you guys tomorrow.” Joss took Avery’s hand, gave Cameron a look which he returned and then crossed the parking lot where Milo Giambetti was waiting.

“I was going to grab dinner with the boys,” Elizabeth said after a moment. “You and Danny are invited, too.” She was not going to cry over the thought that Cameron had been basically adopted by Danny while they stood there. She would not cry.

“Sounds good. I have more room in the SUV if you want. We can drop you guys back off after.”

“Oh, yeah, we’d get all smushed in yours, Mom.” Jake said, nodding at her five-year-old Honda Civic that fit four on a good day. “Let’s go.”

“How about some ribs at Eli’s?” Jason suggested as the group made their way to the car. “I haven’t had any since I got home.”

“Well, then that’s reason enough. Come on guys,” Elizabeth said, pulling open one of the back doors. “Let’s go get some dinner.”

March 11, 2018

This is a short sort of episode tag for this last week of General Hospital. I’m not actively watching, but I’m doing clips and recaps. Apologies if I mess anything up with continuity.

It’s written as a scene because sometimes that’s easier for me to write faster.


Elizabeth steps off the elevator and finds Carly sitting at the bar, sipping a martini. She twists her diamond engagement ring on her finger. Nervous.

She approaches.

ELIZABETH: Hey. Carly, do you have a minute?

Carly looks at her. Suspicious. Curious. She nods. Tips her head toward the bar stool next to her.

CARLY: I hear you had another aborted wedding.

ELIZABETH: (sighs) Yeah. The, ah, earthquake, or whatever it was, you know—

CARLY: Mmm…that’s not the way Mama tells it. She had the boys back at the house before it even hit.

ELIZABETH: Let’s not…that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about.

CARLY: Hey, if you don’t care that you got stood up at your wedding, then why should I? I guess you should just be lucky Franco only humiliated you by not showing up. He’s not really good at weddings.

ELIZABETH: Okay, this was a bad idea.

CARLY: (with a smirk) No. Sorry. I can’t resist. It’s my fault anyone even takes that psycho seriously anyway. I had my own year of temporary insanity. I hope yours ends soon. What can I do for you?

ELIZABETH: Look. It’s not that I want to be involved. I don’t. I mean, I do. Part of me really wants to just…do this myself because—anyway, I don’t think I should get involved.

CARLY: You’re babbling. This should be good.

ELIZABETH: What I did to Drew was unforgivable. It doesn’t matter that he wasn’t actually Jason. I thought he was. I was told he was. And I lied to him. I promised him I would never lie to him again.

CARLY: (slowly) Okay. So, don’t.

ELIZABETH: I know something that…he should know. He has a right to know. But I’m afraid if I tell him…I’m afraid that he won’t believe me. Or that it will just…look like I’m trying to get revenge on Sam, and I don’t…I don’t want that.

CARLY: Of course you do. (leans forward) You want me to do the dirty work, babe, let’s at least be honest about what we’re talking about, okay? You’ve never liked Sam.

ELIZABETH: And you only liked her because it kept Jason away from me, so let’s go ahead and be honest, Carly. Your enthusiasm for Sam and Jason only started after they broke up. Until then, you hated her, too.

CARLY: Why the hell would I care about you and Jason?

ELIZABETH: I don’t know, Carly. Are we really going to go back twenty years and talk about why you’ve always hated me?

CARLY: I don’t hate you.

ELIZABETH: You did everything you could to undermine my relationship with Jason. Even when we were just friends. You risked his life and safety to get him out of my studio when he was hurt—

CARLY: (sniffs) That was a long time ago.

ELIZABETH: Every time he was with me, you called him—

CARLY: And he came running.

ELIZABETH: You pushed him towards Courtney, and we both know that was a mistake—

CARLY: She was better for him.

ELIZABETH: And you rushed right away to tell him your version of Jake’s paternity. Because you were so excited that that he wasn’t going to be tied to me.

CARLY:  Hey, I didn’t tell you to confirm that—

ELIZABETH: I’m just saying, Carly, that you have never been a fan of me being in Jason’s life. Why do you care if Jason goes back to Sam? Didn’t you give a damn about Drew? You were the one that pushed him towards Sam when we found out the truth. Even before you knew I was lying.

CARLY: (pauses) Listen. Okay. Maybe there’s a point to that. I don’t know. I guess I get you’re still irritated Jason went back to Sam after claiming to love you—

ELIZABETH: Carly, you have no idea about my issues with Sam. I doubt Jason told you what she did to Jake, what she did to both my boys, so let’s just knock it off—

CARLY: What? Destroyed your marriage with the affair with Lucky? (snorts) Please. That entire relationship was doomed, and you know it.

ELIZABETH: She stood by while that psycho kidnapped Jake. She knew where he was. Refused to tell us. Refused to let us go on her show. Came to tell me that my son was probably dead. She hired men to hold guns on us—she’s the reason Jason spent most of the summer in jail that year—

CARLY: Wait. (holds up a hand) Wait. Sam helped someone kidnap Jason’s kid? (pause) Jason knows that?

ELIZABETH: Look, it was a decade ago. God. More than that now. He made his choice. We have to live with it. And besides, it’s not like I haven’t had my opportunities to get back at her. I’ve taken them, you know? I did what I could to torpedo her relationship with Lucky, not that it worked. And—

CARLY: Lied about Drew.

ELIZABETH: Part of me wants to cause trouble for her. She’s always been a hypocrite, always pretended she’s better than me. And the only reason I put up with her is because of Jason. And now Jake and Danny. So, this thing I know—this thing I heard her say to Jason—Drew should know it. I just don’t want to be the one to tell him.

CARLY: You’d like to keep your hands clean.

ELIZABETH: I also don’t know if he’d believe me.

CARLY: So you want me to do it for you.

ELIZABETH: (hesitates) Yes.

CARLY: Like a hired assassin.


CARLY: You know, Sonny keeps telling me not to meddle. Jason hates me getting involved. I’ve been busy with Michael, and Sonny and his dad. I’m not sure this is something I should get involved with.

ELIZABETH: Okay, fine. If you really don’t know what to know what I know, I can respect that.

She waits.

CARLY: Damn it. What do you know?

ELIZABETH: That Jason and Sam were together the night of the earthquake. That Sam told Jason she’s still in love with him. And there was something about New Year’s she hasn’t told Drew yet. I don’t know. I didn’t hear that part as well.

CARLY: Let me get you a drink.

She signals the bartender.

CARLY: (continues) You know, I guess you’ve really moved on from Jason if you’re trying to patch things up with him and Sam. (smirks) You do realize that’s the natural ending for this?

ELIZABETH: I don’t, actually. Jason goes back to Sam for whatever reason, but they never last, Carly. Or haven’t you noticed that? I don’t know why he goes back, but she drives him away. Every time. She lies, she cheats, she schemes. She cons him. She’s a lot like you.

She sips the martini the bartender hands her.

ELIZABETH: She thinks Jason should be a certain way, and then she punishes him when he’s not.

CARLY; What the hell—

ELIZABETH: I’m not any better, so don’t get pissed. We all do that. Jason has surrounded himself with takers all his life, Carly. You, me, Sam. Sonny. We all love him, but we take from him, too. Since he’s been home, you’ve been shoving Sam in his face, Sam is shoving Drew in his face, and God knows, I’ve been shoving Franco in his face, which makes me the worst of all.

CARLY: Elizabeth—

ELIZABETH: I’m not taking from Jason anymore.  I saw his face yesterday at the hospital when I tried to thank him for saving Franco’s life. I tried to make him see he’s not that person anymore, and then, you know, I stepped outside of myself. I could hear myself trying to justify my choices to Jason. Trying to get Jason to accept them.

CARLY: Why does that matter?

ELIZABETH: Because Jason’s always right. (sips martini) He was right about Lucky. Right about Ric. Right about Ewan. He’s always been right about the men I let into my life.

CARLY: You know you deserve better than Franco, Elizabeth. Tell me you know that.


She finishes her martini and drops a twenty on the bar.

ELIZABETH: Look, tell Drew or don’t. I’m just—I can’t be the only one who knows this. I’m tired of keeping secrets.

CARLY: Hey. Listen. About Franco. You think no one else gets it, but I do. I get how he can make you think he’s the only one who understands you. How he can isolate you from the rest of your world because he’s the only one you can turn to. The problem is that he builds his world around you. He puts you on a shelf. He builds this idea of who you are. And then when you disappoint him—because you will—he will blame you. And then he’ll destroy you.


CARLY: You might not think there’s anything left to destroy, but he’s not going to come for you. He’s going to come for what you love best. He did that to me. He humiliated me, sure. But he destroyed Michael. He went after my child. Tell me you’re one hundred percent positive it’s not the same for you. That it can’t happen to you.

Elizabeth is silent for a long time.

ELIZABETH: I’ll see you around, Carly. Thanks for the drink.

October 15, 2017

Notes: This is set in the future after the Jason and Drew reveal has been settled. It is complete. For the moment. I might do something with this concept at a future date.

Elizabeth Webber knocked hesitantly and waited for the door to open, pondering exactly what she would say. How she would even explain the insanity of why she was here.

And why she couldn’t quite settle the nausea in her stomach because if the results were not wrong…

Sam opened it and squinted. “Hey. Elizabeth. What are you doing here?” She stepped back to allow her to enter the penthouse. Elizabeth did so, always marveling at how different this place looked than the first she had been here—God, twenty years ago. How was that even possible? Sam and Drew had stayed in the penthouse after everything had shaken out the year before and Jason had taken a smaller apartment downtown, closer to the warehouse.

“You remember the project Jake worked on for Christmas?” Elizabeth asked as Sam closed the door. “He sent for all those kits.”

“Yeah, the genealogy project.” Sam nodded. “He wanted to see how everyone connected now that…” She sighed. “With Drew. Did he get the results back?”

“Yeah.” Elizabeth drew out her tablet with the Ancestry app was already up. “He connected everyone’s kit to their profile this online tree—Spinelli helped him. But…” She handed Sam the tablet.

Sam frowned down at the screen. “There’s no…” She raised her eyes. “Danny’s DNA isn’t…it doesn’t show…” She swallowed. “It doesn’t show a match. Between Jake and Danny. Just…Danny and Scout. And Jake and Scout.”

“Because they have the same mother, and Jason and Drew’s DNA is the same.” Elizabeth closed her eyes. “Jake was upset when he got the results but he doesn’t…he doesn’t know the implications. He just thinks the test was wrong. And with everything that’s happened with Drew and Jason…he’s been finding it hard to trust any of us when we tell him things. This…he doesn’t understand what it means that Danny’s DNA isn’t…”

“It’s a mistake,” Sam said flatly. She handed the tablet back. “We did the test wrong. We’ll do it again—” She pressed a fist to her mouth. “Oh. God. It’s wrong. It has to be wrong.”

“It has to be wrong.” Elizabeth nodded. “Because…it means if it’s not—”

“And it’s not possible. Because—” Sam scrubbed her hands over her face. “He tested everyone. All the Quartermaines he could find, right? All of your family. And the Spencers.”

“Yeah, everything else showed up…as expected. He, Cam, and Aidan have the same mother. He shows up as linked to Scout because Jason and Drew are—were—identical twins.” Elizabeth looked away. “Sam, it doesn’t—it doesn’t make sense why this is the only—”

“I never questioned the results,” Sam murmured. “I should have, but I wanted it to be the truth. And he looks like Jason, doesn’t he?” Her dark eyes found hers, desperate. “He looks like Jason. And Jake.”

“I know. I asked Jake not to say anything for now. I told him I’d contact the company. I’d do something. We’d get it fixed.” Elizabeth swallowed. “Sam…I have to know. I have to know if it’s a lie. If I’ve—” Had done it again. Trusted another sociopath. Oh, God.

“Yeah.” Sam looked at her. “God, Elizabeth. We’ve all—we’ve all believed him. Let him around—” She turned away. “My mother has the kids out at some circus.  I was supposed to be working.” She made her way the sofa and sat down. “It can’t be true.”

“Do you have anything of Danny’s?” Elizabeth asked softly. She drew out a plastic bag with Jake’s toothbrush. “We can take it to the hospital and run the test for the same markers.” She drew out a second bag. “And we can run this.”

Sam stared at the second toothbrush and swallowed. “You still have his toothbrush?”

“He didn’t take everything when we broke up.” Elizabeth sighed. “I don’t know if it’s any good, so maybe we could get something from Drew.”

“Yeah. Those…those are quick, right? We could…we could know today.” Their eyes met. “I have to know. Now that it’s…Oh, God.” She got to her feet. “It’s not going to change anything,” she said, fiercely. “Not for Danny. Or Jason.”

“Or Jake.” Elizabeth put the bags back in her purse. “Danny is his brother. And he’s Jason’s son. Drew’s stepson. It doesn’t change a thing.” Except it would change everything.

Brad Cooper had only blinked at them when Elizabeth had asked him to run the test quickly and quietly, but he wasn’t an idiot. He took the four toothbrushes and promised them results within a few hours.

And then they went to the cafeteria to wait.

“It was supposed to be over,” Sam murmured. “It was supposed to be done.” Her hands tightened around her coffee. “It was all so horrible finding out Drew wasn’t Jason. That Helena was still…torturing us all. Getting his memories back. Forgiving myself for not—for not seeing. Breaking Jason’s heart to stay with Drew.”

“Seeing the disgust in Jason’s eyes when he saw I was dating Franco,” Elizabeth murmured. “For him…it was all the same. He hadn’t…he didn’t know.” Or had he been right all along? She’d walked out on Franco when his jealousy and distrust had been too much for her to handle, and she was proud of that.

But if…if Franco had been lying about Sam all along…had he been lying about Michael? Had he just…lied and lied and lied? How desperate was she to believe him at all?

“We were supposed to be moving on,” Sam continued. “Figuring out a way to make it all work as a family.” She closed her eyes.

“Jake and Jason were just….getting closer. He was starting to see Jason as his father.” And to see Jason’s eyes when he’d realized Jake was alive—to get that moment she thought she’d stolen by lying about Drew’s identity.

Elizabeth’s phone vibrated and she looked at it. The caller ID was Brad.

Sam stared down at the results in growing horror and swallowed. “Oh. God.”

“It’s true, isn’t it?”

“Danny and Jake don’t share any DNA markers,” Brad said, with a bit of regret. “Danny’s markers match this sample—and Jake’s matches this. They have completely different fathers and mothers.”

“Oh, God.”

Elizabeth took Sam’s by the elbow and steered her to a chair. She knew what it was like for it to hit you—to know that you had been raped. To feel it in your bones.

And Elizabeth had brought Sam’s rapist into their lives. Lived with him. Loved him.

“We should call Dante,” Elizabeth said after a moment. “Because…we can prove it now.”

Sam looked at her, her dark eyes dilated in shock. “Prove…Oh. Oh, God.”

The paper slid from her hand as she bolted for the door and the bathroom.

“I’m sorry,” Brad offered.

“Thanks,” Elizabeth picked up the papers, her fingers trembling. “I don’t know what…Thank you.” She tucked them into her purse and followed Sam to the bathroom.

She could hear the retching. The tears. “Sam…let me call Drew. You need him.”

She heard the sink run and then the door opened. Sam opened it, her eyes bloodshot, her mascara a black inky mess streaking down her cheeks. “Yeah. Yeah, I need him. And we should call Jason because we can’t keep—he needs to know.” She stepped out of the bathroom. “And let’s…let’s call Dante.” She closed her eyes. “And I want my mother. Can you call her? I can’t seem to—”

“Yeah, let’s…” Elizabeth knew Patrick’s old office hadn’t been used since he’d left the hospital two years earlier and it was just down the hall from the lab. She led Sam there and settled her on the sofa.

“I woke up this morning and everything made sense,” Sam murmured. She put her face in her hands, resting her elbows on her knees. “I have a husband that I love. Two children that are everything to me. And you know, I guess I still have those things. But it just feels like it’s all gone. Like I don’t understand it.”

Elizabeth took out her cell phone and made three quick calls, asking Drew, Jason, and Alexis to meet them at the penthouse. And then…called Dante to ask him to meet them in about a hour.

“I don’t know what to do next.” Sam looked at her blankly. “What do I do?”

“You put one foot in front of the other,” Elizabeth murmured. “And you keep doing that until you look up one day, and it’s behind you. And you hope like hell that day comes fast.”

October 10, 2017


A super weird ficlet I had an idea for this morning. This is sort of an episode tag to October 9, 2017’s episode in which Elizabeth found out Franco was lying about the photograph and then Franco asked her not to tell anyone about Jason’s dead twin brother.  I didn’t actually watch the episode yet so I don’t know how it ended or really any content of it whatsoever.

Sometimes she could tell when she was dreaming.

As she walked down the stairs of her home and wandered through the living room, Elizabeth Webber knew it was a dream.

Even before she saw her fourteen-year-old self lounging on the sofa, eating popcorn and drinking soda.

She stood behind the sofa watching Lizzie Webber throw kernels of popcorn at the screen in protest of whatever music video MTV was playing next.

At that, Elizabeth managed a smile. MTV playing music videos. Definitely a dream.

Lizzie tilted her head up, her short chocolate brown curls shifting against the sofa. “Oh. Good. You’re here. Took you long enough.”


Lizzie set aside the popcorn and rolled to her feet, an oversized ‘N Sync t-shirt drowning her, a pair of jean cutoffs peeking out, strings of white cotton thread against the paleness of her thighs.

“This is not what I expected for us,” Lizzie mused as she eyed the furniture. The photos on the shelf. “I thought we’d be in jail maybe by now.”

“No, you didn’t.”

Lizzie shrugged. “Or maybe I thought we’d be doing something cooler. Like painting crazy murals in New York. That hipster scene in Brooklyn should have had our name written all over it.”

Elizabeth shook her head. Brooklyn hadn’t really appealed to her. Had it?

“Anyway.” Lizzie shrugged. “I guess I was just wondering what the fuck is wrong with you.”

“Excuse me?” Elizabeth demanded, her hands on her hips. “You can’t talk to me like this—”

“Boy, you sure don’t remember anything,” Lizzie drawled with a dramatic roll of her eyes. “I do whatever I want and fuck the rest of the world.”

“You can’t live like that. It’s not possible—”

“We used to lie for the fun of it.” Lizzie sighed wistfully. “Just to see if people would believe us. Remember that lady who thought we were actually shooting a movie? She bought us pizza.”

“We’re lucky we got to adulthood,” Elizabeth muttered, but the memory—could a memory be in a dream?

“You still lie,” Lizzie continued. “But you’re doing it wrong.”


“Now you lie because someone else wants it. When you lied about Jason—I stand up and cheered. Finally, I thought. My girl is taking what she needs and not asking any fucking questions.” Lizzie clasped her hands against her chest with a sparkling smile. “And we finally had him. He was ours.”

“For five minutes.”

“Better than never. We used to let him walk away a lot. Now you can’t say you didn’t try.”

“Do you have a point?” Elizabeth asked coolly.

“You’re lying again and you’re not even doing it for you. I’m sick of living in your head, screaming at you. You don’t listen.”

“You always get me in trouble—”

“Oh yeah?” Lizzie smirked. “I got great ideas. I always had the best ideas. It was my idea to come to Port Charles. To go to Jake’s. To go to the penthouse the night you got knocked up with Jake. You make the decisions for us and I’m tired of you ignoring me.”

“I really don’t know what your problem is—”

“You’re lying again,” Lizzie repeated. “And I don’t like it. Sure, Franco’s dangerous if you like the serial killer variety—”

“He was sick—”

“So was Manny Ruiz,” Lizzie said flatly. “Brain tumors. Nothing new. Maybe he doesn’t hurt people anymore but he’s hurting you.”


“He’s asking you to lie. Again. About Jason. I mean, bitch, haven’t we learned how this ends for us? Yeah, it’s fun for a minute but there’s no point for this lie. Jason’s gonna find out. He always does, and it’s not going to be anyone else’s fault.” Lizzie snorted. “It never is. Everyone else gets to make mistakes, but you’re the one who pays.”

“It’s not like that—”

“I only like when we lie for us. This is not for us.” Lizzie mirrored Elizabeth’s stance with her hands on her hips. “And why did you say yes? What’s the point?”

“He won’t stay.”

The thin third voice came from the kitchen and Elizabeth turned. Another version of herself walked out of the shadows.

The hair was short and choppy—from those days after Lucky had returned from the dead. This Elizabeth’s eyes were dark, sad.

“He won’t stay,” Elizabeth Three murmured. “They never stay. We have to make them.”

“Oh, here we go with this bitch.” Lizzie rolled her eyes. “Don’t you ever get tired?”

“Yes,” Elizabeth Three replied without blinking. “But I don’t like being alone. Bad things happen when we’re alone.”

“Okay, this was funny at first, but now I’m ready to wake up—”

“You have to stop ruining everything!” Lizzie said with a stamp of her foot. “I wanted to sex up the priest. You chose the serial killer!”

“We weren’t going to win the priest,” Elizabeth Three replied with a shake of her head. “He wasn’t going to stay.”

“It’s not about staying. It’s about having fun. You keep us from having fun!”

“I like being in love,” Elizabeth Three said with a sigh. She sat on the sofa. “Remember Lucky?”

“Which time?” Lizzie said with a snarl. “When he ignored us for Sarah? Lied to us? Died? Made us chase away Jason? Or how about that time he got addicted to drugs and had an affair? Or, wait, when we had his kid and he abandoned us? Does he even pay child support? For fuck’s sake, you idiot.”

“I’’m going upstairs,” Elizabeth said with a nod. “Because this is insane. And it’s a dream. I’m done.”

“Hey. She’s been in charge of your decisions all these years,” Lizzie snapped. “She’s the reason we’re lying again. Because she’s so scared of being alone. How come you listen to her, huh? I’m the one who has the good ideas. I’m the one who deserves it.”

“Can’t listen to you,” Elizabeth shook her head. “You get me in trouble.”

“Yeah, but at least it’s on your own behalf. I got you laid by Jason Morgan, repeatedly I might add. This bitch got you Ric Lansing and Lucky Spencer. I definitely win.”

“No one wins here,” Elizabeth snapped. “You’re both idiots and I’m tired of listening to you both.”

“Well, what bright idea do you have?” Lizzie shot back.

“I’ve tried my best,” Elizabeth Three said as she jumped to her feet. “It’s hard being scared all of the time. If you were just nicer to me,” she complained to Lizzie.

“You’re the kind of girl we made fun of in high school.”

“Oh, God, I think I’ve lost my mind.” Elizabeth pressed her hands to her forehead. “Just go away.”

“I would if you’d stop lying all the damn time for stupid reasons.” Lizzie rolled her eyes. “You want me to stop screaming in your ear? Stop ignoring me when you damn well know I’m right. You want to stop being scared all the time? Tell her we stopped being the girl who got raped years ago.”

They both stared at Elizabeth Three, who had changed now. Whose hair had grown longer and her outfit had shifted into a red dress. Her eyes were wild, her face dirty and streaked with tears.

“I’m tired of being scared all the time,” Valentine’s Day Elizabeth said with a soft sigh. “I want to stop being cold.”

“If he leaves because you tell the truth, then why the hell do you want him anyway?” Lizzie demanded. “You raised three boys with no goddamn help from their idiot fathers—”

“You picked one of those fathers,” Elizabeth muttered.

“You have a career you’re good at. You’re a good mom. What the fuck do you have to be worried about about all the time?”

“I don’t want to be scared,” Valentine’s Day Elizabeth said. She held out her hand, looked at the glittering bracelet her grandmother had given her that night. “Let’s not do it anymore.”

“Easy for you to say.” Elizabeth sighed, looked at Lizzie. “It’s easy to be fearless when you don’t know the worst out there.”

“Hey, I’m not saying the world doesn’t suck.” Lizzie shrugged. “I’m just saying we can stop making it suck on purpose.”

The sunlight streaming through her curtains woke her abruptly and she blinked up at the ceiling. Beside her, she felt Franco shifting as he yawned and slid out of bed.

She looked at him for a long moment, maybe with the eyes of someone seeing him for the first time.

He had lied to her. Had asked her to lie in return.

And why the hell are we lying for him? Fuck that.

This time, when she heard Lizzie Webber in her ear, she didn’t grimace. She smiled and sat up.

“I changed my mind,” she said. “About everything.”

December 19, 2014

Note: After November 25, 2014’s episode, in which Carly tells Michael that Jason named him Michael Corinthos, I nearly broke my television. How like Carly to white wash a history that no one else was present for. And then I started to wonder–how much does Michael really know about the year he spent with Jason? And who is left that will tell him the truth?

 Tell the truth, or someone will tell it for you.

When Elizabeth Webber opened her door three days before Christmas, she did not expect Michael Corinthos III—no, Michael Quartermaine—to be standing on her doorstep. She frowned and stepped back slightly. “Michael?”

“I’m sorry to just…show up like this,” Michael said, shifting uncomfortably on the porch. “I called the hospital and they said you weren’t on the schedule—”

“I’m wrapping the last of the gifts while the boys are at school.” Elizabeth stepped back and gestured for him to come in. “Then I can take them to my grandmother’s and hide them until Christmas Eve. Cameron nearly found my hiding place in the attic last year.”

They stood on her landing, somewhat awkwardly as Michael glanced around a bit more. “And your houseguest? Jake?”

“Out looking for a job again.” Elizabeth waved a hand. “Do you want to take off your coat?”

“Oh. Yeah.” He stripped the long black coat from his shoulders, revealing the charcoal suit underneath. She smiled, taking the coat, and hanging it on the post next to the door.

“AJ would love that you’re the CEO now,” she murmured. She gestured towards the table where she had set up her wrapping station so that he could join her. “But he’d be worried that you’re taking on too much.”

“I should have come earlier,” he told her. “To see how you were dealing with what happened—” He swallowed. “You…and Sonny used to be friends—”

“That hasn’t been the case in a very long time.” Elizabeth tucked a leg underneath her to give her some height at the table as she reached for her roll of tape. “I wanted to be surprised at what happened, but mostly, I was just sad.” She stared at the strip. “For you. For all that you lost.”

“That’s why I’m here.” Michael leaned back in the small dining chair. “I…recently decided to change my name to Michael Alan Quartermaine. A name I should have had all along. My—” he grimaced. “My mother was there when I signed the papers and said that…” He swallowed. “Jason chose to name me Michael Corinthos, after Sonny.”

Elizabeth frowned, but bit her lip and looked away. “Michael—”

“There’s no one left I can ask who would have known that for sure.” Michael leaned forward now, his elbows on his thighs, his eyes on the ground. “I know Emily and Mike were my godparents, but they’re not around. I know Jason was sort of involved with Robin, but she’s not here either. And it goes without saying that Jason isn’t here either.” He straightened abruptly. “But you knew all those people. You and Emily were best friends, and I know you loved my uncle—”

“Michael, anything I know is second hand.” Elizabeth pulled a piece of wrapping paper over a white cardboard box and taped it. “And your mother would not appreciate me speaking out of turn—”

“I don’t care what she wants.” Michael rose, began to pace. “She’s always shaped the narrative, don’t you see? She and Sonny told me for years how awful AJ was, how evil. What a monster he was. But I finally had a chance to know him.” He turned to her. “You knew him, too. You saw him for who he was that last year. You knew him back then.”

“Sort of.” Elizabeth sighed. “Michael, I’m not one to cast stones at someone for choices they made in a difficult position, okay? You know the mess created by Jake’s paternity, the horror I went through with Aidan—”

“That’s why I know you’ll tell me the truth.” Michael shoved his hands in his pockets. “You’ve never lied to me, Elizabeth. Even when it was convenient. You never promised to stick by AJ, just that you would show up that day to give him some hope. And thank God you did, because he wasn’t guilty.”

“I know, and I was so glad to learn he knew the truth before he died.” Elizabeth set the tape down and got to her feet. “All right. I do know some things. Emily and I weren’t particularly close when you were born, but when AJ found out, we were friends. And I knew Jason after he’d surrendered custody—”

“Custody?” Michael repeated.

And Elizabeth had long-suspected that portion of Michael’s life had been kept from him. “I don’t know the specific reasons you ended up with Jason, why Carly left Tony, or why she hid the truth from AJ. I can only guess AJ found out there was a chance he was the father and told her he’d go after custody. She probably panicked.” Elizabeth twisted her fingers together. “She usually did her worst damage when she panicked.”

“That much I know.” Michael leaned against the back of the sofa. “She told me she went to Jason, that she begged him to look after me because she couldn’t. Because of the post-partum.” He shook his head. “But why would he name me for Sonny? My mother didn’t even know him then—”

“He named you Michael,” Elizabeth confirmed. “Because you didn’t have a name and people were starting to worry. Jason had already dealt with the medical decisions after your heart defect, and Tony was threatening to call Social Services because he didn’t feel Jason was a fit parent—Jason knew if he kept putting off the simple things, no one would believe he was your father.”

Michael stared at her. “My father.”

“Jason named you Michael Morgan,” Elizabeth said softly. “Because the world believed you to be his. And he raised you for more than a year while Carly was dealing with her post-partum and then while she was in Ferncliffe after she shot Tony for kidnapping you. She told that lie to keep Tony and AJ from taking you from her. At least, that’s how I always understood it. And Jason agreed because he didn’t much care for the Quartermaines or Tony at that point. He thought Carly had a right to make her own choice.”

“She told me Jason named me for Sonny, but that was a lie—”

“It was a partial truth,” Elizabeth cut in. “Emily told Jason he should name you for someone that meant a great deal to him. So he chose Michael, because Sonny had been like a brother to him, maybe even a father. He’d given Jason a job, an identity when everyone else saw him as damaged. So yeah, Jason named you Michael, but you didn’t become a Corinthos until you were almost four years old.”

Michael exhaled slowly and looked away. “I knew it didn’t sound right, and I knew that Jason had cared for me when my mother couldn’t. I guess I never thought about what that meant—”

“I wasn’t sure if anyone had ever told you about that year with Jason.” Elizabeth approached him. “I was dating Lucky back then, who was living over Jason’s garage. And I remember seeing you with Jason and Robin. They loved you so much. It changed when Carly came home from the hospital.” She looked away. “Jason told me that Robin told the truth to protect him, because Carly would use you as a weapon to keep him around. It always drove Jason crazy that Robin hadn’t allowed him a choice in the matter.”

“Do you think Jason would have told me the truth one day?” Michael asked quietly.

“Yeah. And I’m not saying that because I have rose-colored view of him.” Elizabeth leaned against the back of the sofa as well. “I’m saying that because I knew him well enough back then. I don’t know about the chain of events, but I know Carly went to the Quartermaines to make sure she kept custody. That she accused Jason of kidnapping you, of making all the choices. Jason forgave her for that, mostly because I think he understood she hadn’t thought it through. Carly wanted to make sure no one took you from her.

“Like I was some kind of possession.” Michael looked at her. “So Robin left town, and my mother accused him of kidnapping.”

“And Alexis got him visitation,” Elizabeth said. “For months, Jason visited you. Until he realized that it would just confuse you as you grew older. That as much as he loved you, you weren’t his son. So he surrendered all rights to give you a chance to bond with AJ. To let you grow up without him.”

“You said you knew him after that?”

“It’s why we became friends.” Elizabeth glanced at her window table where a photo of herself and Jason sat. “I had lost Lucky—so I thought—and he’d lost you. We were both drifting. And found something in each other. Jason left town after that, though. I think Carly hadn’t quite given up the ghost and he knew she’d just keep using you—” She stopped. “Michael, this was so long ago—”

“My mother’s been using me all my life.” Michael straightened. “She used me to keep Tony, to keep Jason, to keep Sonny. She says she loves me, but I’ve never seen much evidence of it. She didn’t want me to lose Sonny, that’s why she kept this latest secret.” Michael’s face twisted. “Why doesn’t she understand? The moment he pulled that trigger and murdered AJ, I lost him. I didn’t even have to know the truth.”

“I’m so sorry, Michael,” Elizabeth murmured. “I hate that you’re going through this. And it would have broken Jason’s heart. But he wouldn’t want you to live with this…” She gestured. “Bitterness, this anger. That’s not what he wanted for you. He wanted you to belong to yourself, to grow up and make your own decisions.” She pressed a hand against his suit jacket. “He’d be proud of how you’re taking care of Monica. She’s buried all her children. Four of them. And she buried her boys twice.”

“I wish I could see him one more time,” Michael admitted. “I-I don’t know if I’m doing it right. If I’m—” He looked down. “Kiki and Morgan knew the truth. And they didn’t tell me. So I cut them out—”

Her heart ached for his young man, for the little boy she remembered. “Do you think that was the best decision?” she asked softly. “Or just something you had to do in the moment?”

“I…look at myself sometimes,” Michael admitted, “when I’m that angry and I see Sonny.” His dark eyes met hers. “After it’s over, after I’ve said these horrible things to Kiki, I tell myself to apologize. But I can’t. And then I just do it again.”

“It’s natural to feel betrayed,” Elizabeth told him. “And I don’t know if I should give you advice—I’ve done some awful things…” She hesitated. “But I don’t think Jason or AJ would want this to rule your life. Sonny plead guilty. He’s in jail, and he’s paying for his crime. Don’t destroy your life to punish him.”

“I just…they looked at me and lied to me,” he murmured. “I was looking for AJ’s killer, I thought Ava was guilty, and Kiki—she knew what this was doing to me—”

“It’s never a good idea to protect someone you love from the truth,” Elizabeth interrupted. “But that’s a lesson that comes with time, with mistakes. Whether you forgive Morgan and Kiki—that’s up to you. But try not to let the anger eat you up, Michael. That’s what happened to Sonny.”

“Yeah.” Michael exhaled slowly. “Thank you. For telling me the truth—”

“That’s just the truth that I know,” Elizabeth said. “If Jason were here, he might tell you something entirely different—”

“Your truth is a lot more believable than my mother’s.” Michael awkwardly embraced her. “It’s just—I’m glad there’s still someone I can count on—”

“Of course.” Elizabeth kissed his cheek as he drew away. “You know that you can come to me any time. You’ve been part of my life since you were little, Michael. That doesn’t have to change because Jason and AJ are gone.”

Her front door opened then on a bitter and brisk wind. Jake stepped in, stamping snow from his feet. “It’s really starting to come down out there—” He stopped, seeing her standing there with Michael. “Oh. I’m sorry.”

“I was just leaving.” Michael squeezed her hand. “Thanks again, Elizabeth.” He nodded to Jake, drew on his coat and left. Jake closed the door behind him.

“Michael Corinthos right? I didn’t know you knew him.”

“Forever, it seems.” Elizabeth moved to the window and pushed aside the curtain, watching as Michael walked down the driveway to where a dark car was parked at her curb. “He just found out his adoptive father murdered his biological father, that his mother knew—” She sighed and drew back. “And that his uncle was once believed to be his father.”

Jake frowned. “Uncle? That was Jason, right?”

“Yeah.” She shook her head. “I wish he were here. Michael could use him right now.” She turned back to him after a long moment with a bright smile. “How did job hunting go?”

April 12, 2014

Set as a semi-episode tag to 12 October 2006, in the midst of the paternity mess. God, I want to set that storyline on fire. So much. All the time. Even eight years later. Anyways. Sam knows the truth and has told Nikolas.

It was only going to take one more person today to make Elizabeth snap. She had held her temper the entire day because if she opened her mouth, she would just let it all out and while she would feel better, she thought it might end up causing more stress in the end and she wasn’t really in the mood.

First it had been Lulu and then Carly and then of course, Sam. Her Royal Fucking Highness. If anyone should have kept their damn mouth shut, it was Sam McCall. Maybe Elizabeth shouldn’t have spent the night with Jason (she was willing to consider the possibility) but at least she hadn’t spent the night rolling on the ground with her step father.

And so what if she needed a paternity test? She was hardly the first woman in Port Charles that wasn’t completely sure about the man who fathered their child. In fact, if Elizabeth remembered gossip correctly, Carly had had to have a paternity test with both Michael and Morgan. And Sam had had one as well. So the two of them should have just shut their damn mouths.

Elizabeth stomped down the dock steps, the clacking of her boot heels slapping against the wooden stairs. She had just taken the test and now the final week of waiting would begin.

She should have kept her mouth shut. If she had never said word one about the paternity issue, then Epiphany never could have guilted her into admitting the truth to Jason, who never would have told Sam and Carly never would have over heard it and her blood pressure wouldn’t be through the roof.

Kelly had been concerned and Elizabeth had promised to relax but how was someone supposed to relax when every time they turned the corner, someone was waiting to jump down her throat?

“So I guess I know why you didn’t want to tell Lucky.”

Elizabeth frowned and turned to find her brother-in-law stepping onto the docks, his face schooled into a blank expression. “I beg your pardon?” she asked.

“You didn’t tell Lucky you were pregnant because you said you wanted things to calm down,” Nikolas reminded her. “But really, you just didn’t say anything because you didn’t know if he was the father.”

Elizabeth arched an eyebrow. “Excuse me?”

“Don’t lie to me any more,” Nikolas snapped. “You slept with Jason. You’ve been running around, pretending to be the person wronged but you had an affair–”

And just like that, Elizabeth stopped caring. “Shut up,” she said, taking a step forward. “Shut your mouth.”

A little startled, Nikolas closed his mouth.

“First of all,” Elizabeth said testily, “I don’t have to justify anything to you. You’re not my husband and it’s none of your business. Secondly, after catching my husband with his little tramp three times in the span of twenty-four hours, yes, I spent the night with Jason. One night. I think that I had a right to deal with my situation the best I knew how–”

“And that was sleeping with Jason?” Nikolas asked incredulously.

“I was leaving Lucky,” Elizabeth spat. “I had caught him with the pills, he was blaming his affair and addiction on me and I had had enough. I told him our marriage was over and as far as I’m concerned, I should have kept walking. But he seemed like he was making an effort and he pretended to be sorry. So I went back.”

“And never told him.”

“What purpose would it have served?” Elizabeth demanded. “It would have made an awful situation even worse and I wanted to save my marriage. But instead, he went back to his pills and he went back to his whore. And I ended up pregnant. I’m done. I’m done feeling guilty, like I have to apologize for a night that I’m not sorry about. I don’t have to justify anything to you, Nikolas. After all, your son was conceived while you were having an affair with a married woman. And you needed a paternity test as well. So do not pretend to be innocent.” She stopped and frowned. “And who told you anyway?”

“Sam,” Nikolas volunteered. He hesitated. “Elizabeth–”

“Save it,” Elizabeth hissed. “I’m done. You can take your recriminations and kiss my ass.”

An hour later, after many calls to various family members, Elizabeth finally tracked Sam down. At Jason’s penthouse.

She pushed the door open and heard the tail end of Sam’s wail, “How could this happen?”

“Easy,” Elizabeth snarled. “Two people and one defective condom.” She kicked the door shut and tossed her purse down. “I’m thinking of taking an ad out in the paper, I’ve got some news about the DA that I think Port Charles might be interested in. It’s more suited to the tabloids, but I doubt the Herald will make that distinction.”

Jason frowned. “Elizabeth–”

“Shut up, the stressful afternoon I just had is entirely the fault of your big mouth, your stupid ex-fiancee and the crazy bitch you call your best friend,” Elizabeth snapped. “So just shut up and let me tell Sam exactly what I think of her–”

“I don’t know where you get off–” Sam began hotly.

“I kept my end of the bargain, you know,” Elizabeth said. “I didn’t tell anyone you were rolling around with your stepfather and then playing the victim. I kept my mouth shut because it was no one’s business but yours. Why the hell couldn’t you do the same?”

“What are you talking about?” Sam demanded.

“You told Nikolas about the paternity,” Elizabeth snapped. “And you know where I bet my loyal brother-in-law is going? To Shadybrooke, to tell Lucky.”

“He deserves to know,” Sam said. “If I were him–”

“Well, you’re not him,” Elizabeth replied. “You’re not trying to kick a pill habit for the sake of a child. It’s bad enough that Cam and I weren’t enough to quit and that Lucky’s dirty skank is also pregnant but are you really trying to make him have a relapse?”

“Sam, maybe you should stay out of it–” Jason began.

“Oh, just shut the hell up. You let Carly free to roam the streets and she took the opportunity to ream me about trapping you into whatever…” Elizabeth waved her hand. “I could give a damn what you think so just do what you best and stand back and let what’s going to happen happen.” She turned her attention back to Sam. “I didn’t tell Lucky about the paternity because he didn’t know that Jason and I slept together. He’s going through a tough time and the last thing he needed was a double dose of bad news. So I was waiting to tell him until the paternity test came back. I’m sorry if that’s not good enough for you but I don’t see the point in hurting people just to be honest.” Elizabeth widened her eyes in pretend innocence. “Unless you’d like me to drop by the lake house and tell your mother exactly what you were doing with her husband–”

“Stay away from my mother,” Sam retorted.

“And you stay out of my life,” Elizabeth returned hotly. “You and Jason weren’t together so stop acting so damn betrayed. If this baby is his, it was conceived on a night you were screwing your stepfather so I think I end up looking a little better in this situation. And so help me God, if you take it upon yourself to tell one more person about this, I will take out an ad in the newspaper myself.”

She snatched her purse off the desk and threw a fulminating glare to a stunned Jason. “I’m going to my grandmother’s house for the next week. Don’t call me, don’t come to my door and I swear to God, if Carly or Sam come near me, I’ll shoot first and ask questions later. I’ve already lost two babies and I will be damned if they raise my blood pressure any higher by throwing ridiculous accusations at me.” She looked at Sam once more. “I’m not perfect, Sam. I don’t even come close, but at least I can look myself in the mirror. Can you say the same?”

Set in September 2003 during the blink and miss it Elizabeth is blind because Courtney’s a selfish whore storyline. Ahem. Wow, I still have a lot of venom towards her, that can’t be healthy.

It was early when he came to see her. He’d been up all night at the police department trying to get the charges against Courtney dropped. Finally, their lawyer had found a technicality and she was free to go.

But he went to see Elizabeth anyway. She was sitting up in her hospital bed, wide awake. She was eating breakfasta Kelly’s special instead of regular hospital food. Being the granddaughter of Steve and Audrey Hardy afforded her special privileges.

He stood in the open doorway, watching her fumble with her knife and fork. She kept missing her scrambled eggs and her hand was always just missing her glass of orange juice. But she stubbornly kept eating.

“Who’s there?” she asked sharply, suddenly becoming aware of another presence. She frowned. “If that’s you Ric, you can just turn around and leave.”

“It’s not Ric.”

“Jason?” she asked. Her face brightened for a moment before it settled into a blank expression, her lips thinned. “It’s kind of ironic that you’re here since Mac Scorpio just left.”

She knew. He could tell without even asking her. “Elizabeth”

“He told me that there was no doubt that Courtney hit me but that you spent all night trying to set her free and now she is. On a technicality.”

“She didn’t”

“She did,” Elizabeth said. She sighed. “I can understand why you did it though. I mean, she’s your fiance. You didn’t want her to go to jail.” She hesitated. “Did you know before she was arrested?”

“What do you mean?” Jason asked.

“I mean did you know that she hit me before she was arrested?” Elizabeth asked.

He didn’t answer for a moment and it was in that moment that she got her answer.

And then he lied.

“No, I didn’t know. I’m sorry, Elizabeth.”

She nodded. “Thank you for demonstrating exactly how little I mean to you. You can leave the same way you came in.”

He shook his head a littleit didn’t occur to him that she could no longer see him. “I don’t understand.”

“I think you do understand. I think you understand completely.” She picked her fork up and stabbed at some eggs. Her fork missed the plate again and scraped against the side of the dish. “I know we haven’t talked a lot this past year, but I thoughtI don’t know but I was stupid enough to think at least we were friends.”

“We are”

“Then why lie?” she asked coldly.

“I’m not lying.”

“That’s three, you want to go for four?” she demanded. “You want to tell me that you weren’t going to help her cover it up?” She laugheda self-deprecating sound that sent chills down his spine. “Of course, it explains her late night visit now. Finding out what I remembered, telling me not to call the police. It explains so much.”

“Three what?”

“Three lies,” she said shortly. “One, Sonny’s dead. Two, you didn’t know. Three, you’re not lying. Of course, if you want tack on the lies from that night in the penthouse, we’re up to six.”

“Okay, yes I knew,” he replied. “I found out late last night.”

“Were you going to cover it up?” she demanded.

“Do you mean was I going to let Courtney go to jail?” Jason retorted. “No.”

“No, were you going to cover it up?” Her eyes narrowed. “Were you not going to tell me? Were you going to let me spend the rest of my life in darkness without telling me who it was that took away my sight? My ability to paint, to work, to have any kind if life?”

“She wasn’t herself,” Jason said, instead of trying to answer her question. “She was going through a bad timeshe’d miscarried and we found out she can’t have children. She started taking pills”

“So, she was high?” Elizabeth demanded shrilly. “And that makes it okay? It makes it okay that she’ll get away with it? That I’m going to have to move in my grandmother now? That it will be months, maybe years before I can live on my own? I’m blind, Jason. I can’t see.”

“Look, it’s not the best situation but”

“No, there’s no but about it.” She shoved the tray of food away, sent it slightly swinging away from the bed. She sat up straighter and her eyes were glaring in his direction. He couldn’t look at herthe more he looked at her and saw the way she couldn’t really tell where he waswhere to look, the more he realized how much Courtney had stolen from her.

“You of all people should know that it’s no excuse,” she whispered, the fight suddenly gone from her voice. “Your accident happened because AJ was drinking.”

“It’s not the same thing,” Jason said, startled at the comparison of Courtney and AJ. “AJ is a drunk”

“Was a drunk,” Elizabeth corrected sharply, “and your fiance is an addict. It doesn’t matter why they startedit was a choice. They chose to take the drink or the pills and they chose to get into the car. It was a choice. And once, you would have understood why the thought of Courtney getting away with it just because she’s Sonny’s sister makes me ill.”

And she was right. If this had happened last yearhe would have had the same reaction. Courtney would have been cut off from both their liveshe would have seen to it that she paid for what she’d done to Elizabeth. He would have seen it the way Elizabeth did. Another addict destroying a life.

And God help him, he hadn’t seen that parallel until this second.

He cleared his throat. “You’re right. It’s not fair that she’ll get away with it.”

She frowned, her expression wary. “What?”

“I hated it when the Quartermaines covered for AJ and what I was going to do for Courtney would be no different.” He sat down in the chair and shook his head. “I’m sorry. For lying.”

“You never used to do that,” she said quietly. “Even if it made things betteryou never used to lie.”

“I never used to do a lot of things,” he said, regretfully. “I thought the blindness was temporary,” he said, changing the subject.

“They’re not sure anymore,” Elizabeth said quietly. “I started therapy last night.”

“Has Ric been bothering you?” he asked. “When I came in, you sounded like you expected him.”

“I think he’s practically living here. He comes by every hour on the hour as if I’m magically going to forget everything he did.”

“I can put someone on the doorto make sure he stays away,” Jason offered.

“You don’t have to do this,” Elizabeth told him.

“Look, I know it’s been a tense year but I was hoping we could put it behind us.”

She tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. “I’d like that,” she said quietly. “Thanks.”

“Any time.”

Set after April 28, 2003, I think the episode after Ric kidnapped Courtney and Jason confronted Elizabeth or something. I barely remember what happened on Bones last week much less the nonsense on General Hospital a decade ago. (OH MY GOD, was it really a decade ago?)

Good Intentions
Tag: 4.28.03

Elizabeth shook her head. “I’m not telling you anything.” She glared at Jason and started to stalk towards the door. Jason grabbed her arm and spun her back around.

“If you don’t tell me, he’ll kill Courtney, is that what you want?” Jason demanded.

Elizabeth yanked her arm out of his grasp. “Go to hell,” she spat.

“Wait a second,” Carly cut in. Her brown eyes were panicked. “What about Courtney, where is she?”

“Ric knocked me out and took her,” Jason reported, ignoring Elizabeth’s scoff. “Sonny’s on his way to meet him, but Ric told him he put Courtney somewhere else.” He glared at Elizabeth. “Where would he take her?”

“Why should I believe a word either one of you say?” Elizabeth demanded. “Neither one of you would know the truth if it bit you in the ass.”

Carly took a deep breath. “Elizabeth, I know it’s difficult to believe this right now, but Ric is not the man he obviously led you to believe he was.”

“Stop it!” Elizabeth cried. “Why are you saying these things?”

“Because they’re true,” Jason snapped, impatiently. “Damn it, Elizabeth. You’re smarter than this.”

She whirled around and glared at him. “Don’t you dare presume to tell me what is and what is not true, do you understand me? I don’t believe a damn word you say!”

“I have never lied to you before,” Jason shot back. “So–”

“That’s a load of shit and you know it!” Elizabeth retorted. “You lied to me about Sonny and you lied to me about Courtney, so don’t try and act betrayed when I have a little trouble trusting you.”

Carly rolled her eyes. “Oh, do not tell me you’re still clinging to the idea that Jason was cheating on you. Grow up.”

Elizabeth glared at her. “Yeah? So why don’t you tell me why they were always together, claming to be friends and then poof, they’re sleeping together? Tell me how that one happened.”

“You think I was seeing Courtney behind your back?” Jason sputtered. “When in the hell would I have found time for that?”

Elizabeth’s eyes burned with tears. “I wouldn’t know. I never saw you.” She took a deep breath and looked at Carly. “All right. I’m going to ask you straight out and I want an honest answer. Do you honestly believe that Ric raped you?”

“Yes,” Carly said immediately. “Yes, I do, Elizabeth. I am sorry you got mixed up with–”

Elizabeth held up a hand. “Spare me the apologies. We both know you don’t mean it.” She folded her arms tightly. “Offhand, I can’t think of anywhere he’d take her, but he, ah, probably would have taken her some place that you can’t get to easily, but in plain site. You know, since he hasn’t lived here long.” She frowned and bit her lip. “There’s a construction site down the street from his apartment. Maybe there’s something there.”

“Thank you.” Jason left without another word.

Elizabeth wiped her tears away and turned to Carly. “I’m sorry for calling you a liar, but this isn’t easy for me,” she whispered. She started towards the door.

“Elizabeth, wait.” Carly took a step towards her and ran her hand through her hair, placing her other hand on her hip. “I hope you believe me when I tell you that I am sorry you got mixed with Ric.”

“If what you’re saying is true, then he’s either really good at lying or I’m just a schmuck,” Elizabeth murmured. “You’d think I’d learn to spot a liar by now, but apparently not.”

“Jason didn’t start seeing Courtney until after you left him,” Carly said quickly, not sure why she was telling this girl anything, but feeling the need to make her feel better in some way. She’d been dealt with a harsh dose of reality today and Carly didn’t feel right about her leaving like this.

“He probably didn’t,” Elizabeth allowed. “But I think she factored into why he decided I didn’t exist anymore. I can’t remember the last time we talked without yelling at each other or me blowing up. One day, we were together and the next I wasn’t even a blip on his radar,” she said softly.

“Have you ever tried to talk to him about it?” Carly asked, trying to suppress the sympathy she felt. Elizabeth had walked out on him, after all.

“He doesn’t understand,” Elizabeth said. “He thinks this was because he lied to me, and yeah, that’s part of it. But–” she stopped and shook her head. “I don’t know I’m telling you any of this.”

“Could you stay here?” Carly found herself asking. “Just until I hear from Sonny or Jason. Because I swear, just sitting here by myself is going to drive me up the wall.”

“Why would you want me to stay?” Elizabeth asked, surprised.

“Because the only friend I have this world other than Sonny and Jason has been kidnapped,” Carly remarked dryly. “And you’re about all that’s left.”

Elizabeth sat down and sighed. “Must be nice.”

Carly frowned. “Excuse me?”

“Having friends who’d do anything for you. Having friends to worry about when they’re gone, who worry about you when something’s wrong.”

Carly sank into the seat next to her on the couch. “Oh, please. Don’t play this with me. You have got tons of friends.”

“I used to.” Elizabeth glanced at her. “How did Sonny take it?”

“Take what?” Carly asked.

“The…thing about Ric.”

Carly shrugged. “He’s been good about it. I didn’t expect him to believe me, but I was thankful when did. I thought he’d think I was dirty at first, but he loves me just the same.”

“That’s good,” Elizabeth replied. She stared at her hands. “It’s good that you’ve got your friends around you. You’re gonna need them. Especially Sonny. I know after it happened to me…” she trailed off and shook her head. “I didn’t sleep for almost a week. Every time I closed my eyes…”

“If you don’t mind me asking…how long has it been?” Carly asked.

“Six years,” Elizabeth murmured.

“S-six?” Carly echoed. She did some mental math. “Jesus, you were only what? Fourteen?”

“Fifteen. It was a few months after my fifteenth birthday,” Elizabeth replied quietly. “Sometimes it feels like it’s been decades. And other days, it feels like–” She stopped.

“Feels like what?” Carly asked softly.

“It still feels like I’ve just crawled out of the snow,” Elizabeth breathed. She swiped at her eyes again. “There are some details that will stay with you, no matter how much you try to forget. The texture of the bench I was sitting on, the damp snow, the cold ground…”

“The smell of the sheets, the shag carpet and the yellow sink,” Carly said shakily. “I don’t know what’s worse, not remembering or remembering everything.” She rubbed her hands together. “On the one hand, you can remember it and your nightmares will replay it in your mind.”

“And on the other hand, you’re left wondering what happened. You have no idea what he did to you,” Elizabeth finished. She took a deep breath. “God, I hope I don’t have a nightmare about it tonight.”

“Does it happen often?”

“Not anymore,” Elizabeth replied. “But if I think about it or the anniversary is approaching–”

“It must be horrible, living like that.” Carly shook her head. “I don’t know what I’d do.”

“You get used to it after a while. It becomes a part of your life, something that it’s in your history, part of who you are.”

“I am sorry that it happened to you Elizabeth,” Carly told her sincerely. “I can’t imagine being that young and dealing with it as well as you apparently have.”

Elizabeth smirked. “You should have seen me in the year or so afterwards. I was scared of shadows, scared of everyone I knew. If someone sneaked up on me, I’d scream.” She frowned a little. “I was scared of Jason, too.”

“Scared of him?” Carly repeated. “Why?”

“I didn’t know him that well. He’s so…big, you know? And you hear things about him.” Elizabeth shrugged. “But I was scared of pretty much every guy that wasn’t Lucky, Luke or Nikolas. It’s kind of what happens when you have no idea who did it.”

“Did they ever find him?” Carly asked curiously.

“I found him by accident,” Elizabeth replied. “I was helping Emily find out who was blackmailing her and they turned out to be the same guy. He’s in jail for what he did to her.”

“How’d you meet Ric?” Carly asked suddenly.

Elizabeth frowned and looked at her. “What?”

“I’m just curious. How did you meet him?”

“I was at Luke’s” Elizabeth smiled a little. “It was the night Alcazar was killed, actually. I was waiting with Lucky to meet with Luke’s psychiatrist and I went up to get our drinks. Ric was at the bar…” she trailed off. “He was watching Sonny and you, probably.”

“Probably,” Carly replied. “I remember that night. I don’t remember Ric offhand, but it makes sense that he was around then.”

“He was looking inside the windows of Kelly’s later that night. He was pretty rude at the time, but I guess eventually–” Elizabeth looked away. “Oh my God…”

“What?” Carly asked.

“He didn’t startacting remotely interested in me until after I told him that I knew Sonny. Up until then, he’d been a jackass, really.” Elizabeth sighed and bit her nail. “He used me.”

“More than likely,” Carly replied. “Hey, I bought his act, too. Right up until Valentine’s Day.”

“Valentine’s Day?” Elizabeth asked. She frowned. “That’s when it happened?”

“Yeah, why?”

“I–” Elizabeth shook her head. “It’s just a strange coincidence, that’s all. I–I was–it happened on Valentine’s Day for me.”

“Huh,” Carly murmured. “That is strange.” She glanced at Elizabeth. “You’re not as awful as I thought you were.”

“You either.” Elizabeth smiled weakly at her.

The penthouse door flew open and Courtney and Jason came in. Courtney glared at Elizabeth. “What are you doing here?” she snarled.

Elizabeth stood. “I suppose that’s my cue to leave.” She looked at Carly. “Thanks for the conversation. It was interesting.”

Carly stood. “Maybe we could talk some more?” she suggested.

“I’d like that,” Elizabeth said softly. She turned to the duo. “I’m glad you’re all right, Courtney–”

“Save it,” Courtney cut in. “You helped Ric get away, you’re the reason any of this is happening!”

Elizabeth sighed and started past her. Courtney grabbed her arm, stopping her. “Will you let me go?” Elizabeth asked, tiredly.

“Courtney,” Jason said, putting a hand on her arm. “Just stop it. I wouldn’t have found you if it weren’t for her.”

“I bet Elizabeth was part of the plan,” Courtney said, ignoring Jason. “Isn’t that right?”

“You’re just being ridiculous now,” Elizabeth sighed. She arched her eyebrows. “You gonna let me go now?”

“God, Elizabeth, do you hate Jason that much that you’d try to set him up?” Courtney cried.

“Wait, what?” Elizabeth asked, frowning. “Are you delusional?”

“Courtney, just stop it,” Carly said. “Elizabeth wasn’t in on any of this–”

“I mean, you did tell Jason exactly where Ric shoved me, didn’t you?” Courtney accused.

“I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t,” Elizabeth replied, irritated. She yanked her arm away. “Can I go now?”

“Who is Ric and what does he want from my brother?” Courtney demanded.

“Believe, at this point, if I knew, I’d tell you,” Elizabeth replied. “I just hope he gets what he deserves and if I ever see him again, it’ll be too soon.”

“Oh, sure, Elizabeth, play the innocent victim,” Courtney snarled. “But I think we all know the truth.”

“What, that you’re a paranoid delusional nitwit? Yeah, I think we’re getting that,” Elizabeth retorted. “You know what, Courtney? I’m sick of this. I’m sick of your accusations, I’m sick of your petty little comments about how much Jason loves you, I’m just plain sick of it all. When you grow up and start acting your age rather than your shoe-size, maybe then–” she shook her head and chuckled bitterly. “You know, even then, stay the hell away from me.”

She glared at the blonde for a moment before stalking out of the penthouse.

Courtney rolled her eyes. “My God, what a drama queen.” She turned to see Jason and Carly staring at her. “What?”

April 10, 2014

I had started a story about the Port Charles  teen scene in 2003, but I never posted more than a few parts, and some of those were lost a long time ago, including about six or seven GQ episode tags. Oh, it makes me so sad. But oh well. Here is one story that survived the ages. This is circa late spring 2003, around the time Dillon arrived.

God I miss the crap out of Dillon and Georgie.

I can do this. I’m strong. I’m independent. I’m a woman.

Okay, I’m fourteen.

But I’m still all of the above.

With those thoughts in mind, Georgie Jones took a deep breath, squared her shoulders and reached for the door handle to Kelly’s.

She pulled the door open and entered the small diner. You can do this, she chanted mentally. It’s not like you’re asking for much. You just want a job application.

She spied Elizabeth Webber working quietly behind the counter and after glancing around the diner, she determined that the manager, Bobbie Spencer, was not there. So, she’d deal with the only waitress she saw.

Besides, the way Georgie figured, Elizabeth Webber practically ran the diner. She was always there, always keeping everything calm. If a fight broke out, Elizabeth solved it. If a waitress called out sick, Elizabeth covered the shift.

Elizabeth Webber, Georgie decided, was one of the best people she knew. Although technically Georgie didn’t know Elizabeth all that well…but hell, everyone knew Elizabeth in some way.

“Um, excuse me,” Georgie said. She nervously tugged at the sleeve of her soft pink button down sweater. Pink, Georgie had decided, looked good on her. It complimented her dark blonde hair and lightened her brown eyes. Pink made her feel professional.

“Hey, Georgie,” Elizabeth greeted. “Can I get you anything?”

Georgie chewed her lip and took a deep breath. “A job application?”

Elizabeth widened her eyes. “A job application? You want to work here?”

“Um, yeah,” Georgie replied. She smoothed a hand over her light brown cords. Light brown, Georgie had decided, went well with a pink sweater and by not wearing jeans, she’d shed her teenage image and hopefully looked older.

At least sixteen.

Elizabeth looked around, hunted underneath the counter. “That’s great!” she said. “You know, I started working here when I was fourteen. God, I was such a horrible waitress. Spent far too much time looking at Lucky Spencer and too little time paying attention to what people ordered.” Elizabeth pulled a piece of paper out and handed it to her. “If you want you can fill it out now and I can give it to Bobbie when I drop off the night’s receipts later.”

“Sure,” Georgie replied. She slid onto a stool and opened her small purse. Small purses, Georgie had decided, looked more professional than big clunky ones. She fished out a blue Bic pen and uncapped it. “So, are you guys hiring?”

Elizabeth shrugged. “We’re always losing someone to college or better jobs.” She smirked. “I’m personally hoping we lose someone soon.”

Georgie grinned. “Courtney?” She regretted her word almost immediately when she saw Elizabeth’s face close off. Great, she offended the best chance she had at getting this job. Damage control. “I only say that because…well…um, you know…you hear things.”

Elizabeth folded her arms. “What kind of things?” Her tone had gone as cold as ice and Georgie was now miserable. She set her pen down. There went this job.

“Well…just that two of you don’t like each other,” she replied, dully. “I mean…she’s dating your ex-boyfriend and my sister told me that he broke up with you for her.” Georgie sighed and pushed the application away. “I’m sorry. I…I shouldn’t have said anything.”

Elizabeth sighed and the tension drained from her body. “No, look, don’t worry about it. You’re right, we don’t like each other but it’s not because she’s dating Jason.”

Georgie must have looked skeptical because Elizabeth continued. “I just don’t appreciate the way she constantly runs out on her shifts and calls out sick.”

“Oh.” Georgie shifted. “I still shouldn’t have said anything. I mean, I don’t want to remind of you…anything. Because, you know, I really admire you.”

That surprised Elizabeth and she smiled. “Really? Why?”

Georgie shrugged. “Everyone does,” she replied easily. “My sister thought you were great, the way you handle that Lucky thing last summer and I remember Roy DiLucca talking about how brave you were when Jason shot you last summer.”

Elizabeth rolled her eyes. “Jason did not shoot me. Zander did and it was a complete accident. Besides, the bullet didn’t really hit me.”

“It didn’t?” Georgie asked.

“No. Jason and Roy were fighting, and Zander, being the completely moronic hothead that he is, picked up a gun. Then Jason and Zander were fighting over the gun and the trigger was pulled.” Elizabeth slid the sleeve of her cornflower-blue shirt up to reveal a light pink scar on her upper left arm. “See? The bullet just grazed me.”

“Oh. Did it hurt?” Georgie asked, cringing as soon as she realized how stupid the question was.

“Well, I didn’t feel anything at first,” Elizabeth replied. “I think I was a little shocked. But it kicked in and I almost passed out. Jason caught me and he managed to bandage it.” She smiled and leaned forward a little bit, lowering her voice. “I’ll tell you a secret.”

Georgie, feeling much better about this right now, leaned forward eagerly. Being confided in by Elizabeth Webber! Take that, Maxie, she thought smugly.

“I didn’t feel anything until I got to the hospital because I was too busy looking at Jason,” Elizabeth told her, smiling.

“He is cute,” Georgie agreed.

“Uh huh. And it was just really easy to get lost in his eyes, you know?” Elizabeth said. “They’re an incredible shade of blue.” Her cheeks flushed and she leaned back. “But none of that really matters now. Anyway, go ahead and fill out that application. I’ll put in a good word for you.”

Georgie watched as Elizabeth headed onto the main floor to take care of a customer. She then turned in her attention back to her application.

“Whatcha doin’?”

Irritated, she looked up at the interruption. “I’m filling out a job application, Lucas,” she told him.

Lucas Jones frowned. “For Kelly’s?”

“Yeah. Why not?” Georgie asked, defensively.

Lucas smirked. “Why would you want to work here?”

“Because I like this place,” Georgie replied. “What’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing. I just thought you had higher hopes than being another Elizabeth Webber.”

Georgie narrowed her eyes. She might like Lucas, but no one insulted her idol. “And what’s wrong with that?”

“Come on. She’s nice and all, but she’s twenty-one and still working in the same place as when we were kids.”

“Maybe she likes it here. Maybe she enjoys her job,” Georgie said hotly.

“And maybe she’s got no place else to go,” Lucas said pointedly.

“Can I get you anything Lucas?” Elizabeth asked from behind him. He spun on the stool to look at the unhappy waitress.

“Elizabeth.” Lucas swallowed. “I, uh…”

“For the record, I work here because I enjoy my job,” Elizabeth told him. “I like seeing the people I care about on a daily basis. It pays well and I have a flexible schedule so I can go to school and work on my art. I’m sorry if people think I’m pathetic because I have worked in the same place for the past five years, but I can’t be responsible for small-minded people. Now, I’ll ask you again. Can I get you anything?”

“I was just stopping by,” Lucas said quickly. He slid off the stool and passed her, his head ducked down.

“Sorry about him,” Georgie apologized as she signed her name and completed the application. “He thinks he knows what’s best for me and tries to tell me.”

“It’s fine,” Elizabeth replied, smiling briefly. “You get used to it after a while.” She took the application from the young girl and perused. “I’ll drop this off with Bobbie and I’ll call you when she makes a decision.”

“Thanks, Elizabeth,” Georgie said, sliding down from the stool. She put the pen away and smiled one last time at the waitress before leaving.


Elizabeth handed Bobbie the receipts and the day’s earnings so that Bobbie could drop it off at the bank on her way to the hospital the next morning.

“Georgie Jones dropped off a job application,” Elizabeth reported as Bobbie examined the receipts.

“Hmm…do we need another waitress?” Bobbie asked, making a note in the account book.

“We could use the help,” Elizabeth said honestly. “One of the waitresses tends to be slightly unreliable, so I’m sure Georgie will come in handy.”

“Which waitress?” Bobbie asked, even though she already knew.

“Courtney,” Elizabeth said. “But it has nothing to do with my personal feelings towards her, I just—”

“Elizabeth, it’s okay. I’ve had the other girls complain as well,” Bobbie interrupted. “Actually, there’s something I wanted to speak with you about.”

“What?” Elizabeth asked warily.

“I’m rarely at the diner these days between the hospital and Lucas, so I was wondering if you’d like to come on as assistant manager,” Bobbie suggested.

“Really?” Elizabeth asked. “Are you serious?”

“Definitely. So you can make decisions like this and not worry about me. I trust you, Elizabeth. You’ve been working there longer than anyone and you really understand the way it works.”

“Wow, I’d love to,” Elizabeth replied, smiling. “Thanks, Bobbie.”

“So, I’ll let you make the final decision concerning Georgie and Courtney. I’ll see you tomorrow, same time?”

“Sure,” Elizabeth replied. She picked up the receipts, intent on calling Georgie Jones first thing in the morning.

April 2, 2014

This is a weird little ficlet I wrote in response to prompt from a writing book. You had to write one section beginning with this line: This is what she wants most in the world. and then the second beginning with: She is lying. This is what she wants most in the world.  So it just seemed like the thing to do when I came home from vacation.

This is what she wants most in the world. She dreams of a second chance to tell the truth. Not one truth in particular, but any truth. All the times when she believed a lie was easier, all the times she tried to protect the people around her with false words…she knows now that the truth will always out.

She lied to protect herself when Lucky chose to go to the dance with her sister, to show she didn’t mind that she was always a consolation prize. She lied every time people asked her if she was doing okay when Lucky died, because they always looked so concerned and even if they knew she was dying inside, what could they do? They couldn’t bring him back, they couldn’t take it away. The lie was easier. Except she very nearly drowned in her lies. She lied without words every time Lucky kissed her and she wished for even the briefest of moments that he was someone else. She lied when she slept with Zander, lied to herself, to him, to Jason. She lied to herself that it meant something, because it had to mean something. She didn’t sleep around, that wasn’t who she was. She lied to Zander, led him to think there was something there that just never was. She lied to Jason, because she didn’t really care what he did to Zander, not really. Not in the scheme of things, not if it meant he would always look through her that way, without looking at her.

It’s almost pathological, a natural instinct to open her mouth and let lies fall from her lips. She lied every time she said she believed Ric, every time she said she trusted him and loved him. Because if she didn’t, she’d be alone, and she was terrified of being alone. She lied to Lucky every time she promised him she loved him best when they both knew they were both just settling. Neither had been happy in love since those halycon days before he died. That boy, her first love, had never returned, so neither had their love and they both knew it. They pretended otherwise, because it was easier to lie to each other and be together, than tell the truth and be alone.

She lied when she told Jason it could only be for one night. She wanted him to argue it, to pursue her, she always wanted him to fight for her, but no one ever did. Only Ric, and that wasn’t helpful. She didn’t want Ric to pursue her, but he was the only one who ever seemed to understand it’s not enough to say words, but follow through. Too bad his love almost killed her.

She lied every time she looked at Lucky told herself she would stick by him until the very end because she loved him, instead of the truth: She’d stick by him because there was nowhere else to go and he’d never abandoned that bleeding broken girl who’d crawled out from the snow. She lied when she turned down Jason’s marriage proposals and wished she’d accepted one of the first two because the third answer had been her honest one, and see there was the reward for telling the truth—nothing. Better to lie.

She lied when she promised she had finally accepted that they could never be together, that his life was too dangerous for a family, but that’s okay because Jason lied, too. He never loved her, she knows this now, because if he’d loved her and meant those words, he never would have had a family with the woman who had tried so very hard to destroy Elizabeth’s. She lied when she told Lucky they had a clean slate, because clean slates were imaginary. The hurt and anger would always be between them.

She lied every time she laid with Nikolas, because it was just another way to lie to herself, to maybe even destroy herself. She lied when she said she didn’t want Lucky to know, because wasn’t that the whole reason she did it? To finally shatter the permanent lock, to do something to drive him so far away from her, he’d never come back?

She lied to herself that she could get on with her life after the death of her little boy, but that was one lie she thought everyone could understand. She still woke in the mornings, took care of her other children, but the light was gone and nothing she could do would ever get it back. She lied when she chose between AJ and Nikolas because the truth was that she had tried very hard to care about them both, but her capacity for love was gone, and all that was left was the pretense.

She lied when she told Robin that she loved Nikolas because it seemed like the thing to say, and she thought Nikolas would leave Britt, to get away from her and her lies because she knew how poisonous a liar could be, just look at her life. All she’d ever done was lie, and all she had to show for it was three kids from three fathers, one of them had died because she couldn’t pay attention, none of the fathers were around, they couldn’t wait to run from her. She was a poisonous liar that didn’t deserve to be happy, which is why she could see it in Britt. Liars always recognize their own.

She lied because the lie was easier in the moment, but the truth would have been better in the long term and that’s the one inheritance from Lizzie Webber, the bitch she’d been before her world was shattered that night in the park, because Lizzie never thought in long-term, never thought about the future. The future couldn’t choke you the way today could. Better get through today, and let tomorrow take care of itself. Because some days it was all she could do get through today.

This is what she wants most in the world. To tell the truth.

She is lying. Again. This is what she wants most in the world. For someone to love her anyway, to understand that she might lie, but it’s instinct because telling the truth has never rewarded her. She’d been honest in her love for Lucky once, and he’d been torn from her. She’d been honest in her friendship with Jason, and he’d left her. She’d been honest with Jason that night in the penthouse, that she wanted to be with him, and he’d disappeared. She had been honest in wanting a life with him and family, but then he’d married another woman. What did honesty get you? No place better than the lie.

So this is what she really wants most in the world. For someone to love her for who she is. Lies and all.