The Workshop

]I was calling this section “Flash Fiction” and treating what I wrote that way. I started publishing a series, Sky is Falling, and I kept mentioning I might bind them together at the end, edit, and release as a full novel. That I was kind of halfheartedly treating this section like a workshop and trying out ideas.

I’m going to commit to that idea more fully.  I’m still going to do the increments of 20 minutes and 60 minutes for different types of pieces. I’m going to try out genres, situations, and characters I’ve got in my head. You might see the same situation or pieces of dialogue show up in other places, and for longer concepts, you might see another version of it.

For example, for Sky is Falling, I’m treating this like a public first draft. I’ll still write some novels in private through a normal beta process, but for other things I’ll bring it to the workshop. Which means you guys need to be more like  beta readers. What didn’t you like? What did you like? What did you want more of? Make predictions. I want to try new genres, but I might need some encouragement.

I’ll be back tomorrow to finish changing over this page.

Micro Fiction (Completed in 25 minutes or less)

Workshop Items (Completed in 60 minutes or less)

These are longer workshop pieces — concepts I’m writing with an eye towards editing later as full-length novels for wide release. They are written in 60 minutes or less.

Homecoming Take 2
A King’s Command
Sky is Falling
Bittersweet Opening Scenes

When trying to figure out how to open Bittersweet, I wrote a lot of versions. I gathered them here to kind of demonstrate how tough it can be to open a story and how if it doesn’t work, there’s nothing wrong with going back. None of these are bad — in fact, the deleted chapter is actually relatively good. But I wasn’t happy with my timeline or the tone I was setting for the Jason and Elizabeth relationship, so I kept going back until I found something that worked for me.


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