The Workshop

I have lots of ideas that I don’t always know if they’ll work as longer stories or the outlines I have in my head make sense. So rather than dumping them in a file to be worked on when I have time, I’ve started a workshop. I post once a week on Fridays, setting a time for 25, 30 or 60 minutes, and then post whatever I’ve finished at the end of that time with no spellcheck or any kind of editing. Sometimes I go a minute or two over to finish a scene.

The idea is that I’ll workshop an idea for as long as I need to and then pull together material to make into a longer story or novel that I’ll distribute officially to the other sites and the appropriate CG page.

The material here is pretty messy. It’s not always fleshed out, it doesn’t always make sense. When you comment, please please provide any constructive criticism or suggestions you have. Sometimes, I will start an idea completely over and try a new way of writing it. So be prepared for that, too.

Solo and Standalone Workshop Items

Micro Fiction (Completed in 25 minutes or less)

Workshop Items (Completed in 60 minutes or less)


Alternate Universe Series


I’m still working on this idea, but I’ve tried a few openings. I still haven’t found quite the right angle to take with the story.

A King’s Command

Sky is Falling

An alternate universe idea that is still in my head, but this version didn’t quite work out. I like the characters and relationship and back story, I just have to figure out how to make it all connect.

Deleted Scenes

Bittersweet Opening Scenes

When trying to figure out how to openĀ Bittersweet, I wrote a lot of versions. I gathered them here to kind of demonstrate how tough it can be to open a story and how if it doesn’t work, there’s nothing wrong with going back. None of these are bad — in fact, the deleted chapter is actually relatively good. But I wasn’t happy with my timeline or the tone I was setting for the Jason and Elizabeth relationship, so I kept going back until I found something that worked for me.

Other Deleted Scenes


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