The Workshop

The Workshop is a place for me to post old versions of stories I’m working on — Homecoming, for example, is an early version of Smoke and Mirrors, as well as a place to better organize discarded materials, deleted scenes, and old plot sketches. It’s a work in progress and I’ll be coming back over the next few weeks to add more and organize it better.

Alternate Universe Series


I tried a few openings and I’ve settled on something that’s working. Currently being worked on as Smoke and Mirrors but will be converting it to a Flash Fiction series soon.

Deleted Scenes

Bittersweet Opening Scenes

When trying to figure out how to open Bittersweet, I wrote a lot of versions. I gathered them here to kind of demonstrate how tough it can be to open a story and how if it doesn’t work, there’s nothing wrong with going back. None of these are bad — in fact, the deleted chapter is actually relatively good. But I wasn’t happy with my timeline or the tone I was setting for the Jason and Elizabeth relationship, so I kept going back until I found something that worked for me.

Other Bittersweet Scenes

When I wrote Bittersweet, I adjusted my plot line twice after already having written huge chunks.

Miscellaneous Deleted Scenes

In a few of the stories I’ve worked on, I’ve had some deleted scenes that I’ve then posted as an out take.

Discarded Material


This is a story idea I’ve been playing with off and on for the last decade. It was going to be alternate version of the show in 2007, but I never got it off the ground. I still really love the storyline I had started and had written a bit of it. Here are is the prologue and first chapter.

Plot Sketches & Outlines

I do a lot of brainstorming and writing about my stories before I write them. I also outline and sketch out projects I don’t end up writing.


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