Bittersweet Opening – At Kelly’s

Note: Some of this dialogue got reused in the story and other versions of this scene.

Kelly’s: Diner

Gia Campell boosted herself on a stool at the counter and, with a heavy thud, set a textbook in front of her. “Do you see this? The amount of biology I have to memorize before my finals next week is criminal.” She jabbed her finger at her roommate. “And do not give me that look, Elizabeth Webber.”

Elizabeth just arched her brow and held up a pitcher of coffee. “What look would that be?”

“I realize if I had kept up with my reading all semester I wouldn’t be in this position.” Gia turned over the white porcelain mug in front her. “Fill it and keep it coming. I had other priorities.”

“I know,” Elizabeth agreed as the steaming liquid poured. “And I can’t deny that Greg and Tommy weren’t important priorities.”

“You forgot Emmett.” Courtney Matthews-Quartermaine joined them behind the counter to start a fresh pot of coffee. “And Andy.”

“For good reasons.” Gia snorted and turned to the third chapter in her textbook. “I needed to make up for lost time. Don’t judge me.” She shot a dark look over her shoulder at a table where her ex-fiance sat with his brother and a perky blonde. “I needed to wash off the stink.”

“That’s not very nice,” Elizabeth murmured, but she smirked because she understood completely. After Elizabeth had walked out on her wedding due to Gia’s badly-timed but very welcomed announcement that her own fiance no longer was in love with and intended to marry her out of obligation, she and Gia had both washed their hands of the Spencer-Cassadine boys and moved in together.

Somehow, Elizabeth had come to consider Gia Campbell one of her favorite people.

She still couldn’t explain it.

“While I love to discuss my three least favorite customers,” Courtney remarked as she set a filter in place and flipped a switch to start the brewing, “I was wondering how Bobbie was doing. I haven’t seen her since…”

Gia’s smile faded as she sighed. “Yeah. Liz sees her more often, all things considered. She went back to work today, didn’t she?”

“Yeah.” Elizabeth bit her lip. “Maxie’s hanging out with Michael while I work today. And I have to return a call to Taggart when I get done.”

“Ugh.” Gia stirred some sugar into her coffee. “Marcus has a one track mind—it was a horrible accident—”

“I think he’s let go of of it being Sonny’s fault.” Elizabeth poured herself a glass of orange juice. “It’s pretty open and shut, I guess. I saw him the other day when I drove Bobbie down for her statement.”

“Why do you have to talk to him again?” Courtney asked, grimacing when Elizabeth’s sister Sarah gestured for her to come to them. “I mean, Carly just lived down stairs from you. It’s not like you guys were friends.”

“No,” Elizabeth said. “But we were friendly.”

“Hold that thought while I see what Dumb, Dumber and Twit want.”

Courtney rounded the counter to check on the trio in question, while Gia turned back to Elizabeth. “Speaking of Sonny, any word if you know who is coming back for a funeral or anything?”

“What?” Elizabeth blinked. “What—” She pressed her lips together. “I haven’t asked, Gia. Sonny and I—we don’t talk about it.”

“Honestly.” She rolled her eyes. “Girl, you’re in denial. Sexy McHot might ride back into town on his motorcycle, and you’re all like—” She fluttered her lashes. “Sonny and I don’t talk about it.”

“We don’t talk about it,” Elizabeth repeated, her teeth clenched.

Courtney returned to the counter, putting the coffee back in its place.



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