August 16, 2018

I was looking over my story ideas for this upcoming NaNoWriMo session (November) and I was having trouble narrowing my choices down to just the top four. So what I’ve done is create a list of all the possible projects I could work on in November and you guys can vote.

You can select up to three stories, and then the top two stories will go into a run off.ย  For those two stories, I will post a sample first chapter to help decide.

This poll ends September 15, 2018.

Your Choices

Signs of Life
Set December 2000. After Nikolas Cassadine announces to anyone who will listen that Jason Morgan is sleeping with Elizabeth Webber, the news is of great interest to many, particularly the PCPD after Anthony Moreno’s body is found.
Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Luke/Laura, Sonny, Carly, Emily, Nikolas, Taggert
Counting Stars
Set April 2000. After Jason leaves town in January, Elizabeth tries to move on with her life. A few months later, she has a desperate need to speak with Jason, but he can’t be found. Is his disappearance deliberate or beyond his control?
Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Luke/Laura, Sonny, Carly, Nikolas, Emily
For the Broken Girl
Set April 2006. Elizabeth Spencer’s marriage has been falling apart for months and isn’t helped when his partner is killed in the line of duty. In that same shooting, Jason Morgan’s fiancee is injured and he’s forced to make difficult decisions to save her life. In the wreckage, Jason and Elizabeth rebuild their friendship, unaware that the worst is still ahead.
Characters: Lucky/Elizabeth, Jason/Sam, Jason/Elizabeth, Nikolas, Emily, Dillon, Lulu, Maxie, Sonny, etc.
Burn in Heaven
Set in 2007. After the events ofย A Few Words Too Many, Faith Roscoe has spent the intervening years plotting an elaborate revenge that will encompass many that Jason and Sonny hold dear and nothing in Port Charles will ever be the same
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Sonny/Kate, Jax/Carly, Johnny/Nadine, Nikolas/Emily, Lucky/Sam, Faith, Anthony, Luke/Laura, Dillon/Georgie, Claudia, Lulu, Maxie, etc.
Feels Like Home
Set 2024. Part of Hand Me Down alternate reality. After the birth of her third child, Juliet, Elizabeth Morgan disappears without a trace in the fall of 2010. Fourteen years later, the investigation gets a startling new lead, forcing the family and friends she left behind to revisit the tragedy.
Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Patrick/Robin, Jax/Carly, Cameron/Molly, Jake, Lucky, Sam, Original Characters
Fallen From Grace
Set Fall 2006. Robin Scorpio, Elizabeth Spencer, and Sam McCall are at a crossroads. They embark on new relationships, new careers, and struggle to put the past behind them and look for a brighter future.
Characters: Patrick/Robin/Nikolas, Jason/Elizabeth, Lucky/Sam, Jax, Emily, Carly
Life For Rent
Set Fall 2006. A sequel to Choose Your Moment. After the black out in Port Charles, nothing will be the same and the worst is yet to come.
Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Dillon/Lulu, Nikolas/Emily, Lucky/Maxie, Ric, Alexis, Jax/Carly, Georgie, Mac, Patrick/Robin

Jungle Primary: November NaNoWriMo Story

  • Signs of Life (History; April 2000) (21%, 39 Votes)
  • Life for Rent (History; August 2006) (21%, 39 Votes)
  • Counting Stars (History; December 1999) (16%, 31 Votes)
  • For the Broken Girl (History; April 2006) (16%, 30 Votes)
  • Burn in Heaven (Sequel, A Few Words Too Many) (11%, 21 Votes)
  • Feels like Home (Alternate Reality; June 2024) (7%, 14 Votes)
  • Fallen From Grace (History; September 2006) (7%, 14 Votes)

Total Voters: 84

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June 10, 2018

Hey! Thanks for voting so far. We’ve got almost 90 votes, but the voting between Mad World, For the Broken Girl, and These Small Hours is really tight. So I wanted to give those of you who voted for the other chooses, Fallen From Grace and Burn in Heaven, a chance to vote again.

All of these projects are still going to happen so if your preferred story doesn’t win this month, I will likely revisit it later this year for NaNoWriMo proper in November or the next Camp NaNoWriMo in April.

Story descriptions are still in the post below or click here to read them if you are following a link to this page.

December 21, 2014

So from now on, I’m only going to do one featured story at a time in order to cycle through them less, and you guys are going to vote on them for good.

Trying to choose short stories to highlight tells me that I like my Ficlets much better than my Short Stories, so one of my resolutions for next year is to write more of them that I like ๐Ÿ˜›

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Fiction Gravard tomorrow evening! My morning and afternoon are booked with holiday stuff ๐Ÿ˜‰

November 20, 2014

So I didn’t quite like my first pass at a redesign for The Best Thing graphic package (which is the story and the featured banner). I used the same photos and same concept for the most part for a third try. However, just because I was not overly fond of the first go around, doesn’t mean that’s not the public prerference. (and maybe you don’t care — I have issues, this is not news).

The first banner was really a place holder until I got my Liason DVDs to get better screencaps. I couldn’t find the right tagline, but the graphic itself is not awful. The second banner, for me, ended up with too much emphasis on Elizabeth, instead of Jason. So I used the same concept and pulled back the coloring on Liz to focus more on Jason. The amount of overthinking I do on graphics is astonishing, isn’t it? Oy.

So Poll #1: The Best Thing banner. Here are your choices:

Banner #1


Banner #2


Banner #3



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And second piece of business for the day: Christmas layout! I mostly want to change the layout because this has been up for ages, but I can’t choose which one I want to do.

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November 9, 2014

So I woke up yesterday thinking about how much I love reading about marriages of convenience in my historical romance novels. (The Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas may be one of the best books I’ve ever read). I’ve written about the plot device once in Poisonous Dreams, but abandoned it in the rewrite. Reposting the very first version of that story had me just day dreaming about what it would take to make a marriage of convenience with Jason and Elizabeth work.

One thought led to another, until I had to start writing down the scenes and dialogue. 6, 559 words later and I had a full outline for a story. Ha. I have issues. Anyway. I can’t figure out what to call the damn thing. Sometimes a title just comes to me, and sometimes it’s like pulling teeth. So, here’s your blurb. I’ve put up a poll with two choices, but if you have a better idea that would be great too ๐Ÿ˜›

Set in 2006. As Elizabeth plans to take a paternity test, she learns she has been suspended from her job, suspected of providing Lucky with pills. Ric gives her an ultimatum: Lose your job, your child and go to jail or testify against Jason. She turns to Jason for help, but their solution may just end up causing them more problems than they can solve.ย 

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Or comment with your own choice. Later today, I’ll finish adding Silent Reverie and work on some of the other Graveyard story content. Just a friendly reminder that any story on that page is either abandoned or in the process of being rewritten, so don’t get too attached to any of them.

July 18, 2014

So on July 31, the current featured stories will expire, which means I have to pick new ones. Please choose either from the ones below, or pick another one. The two highest vote getters will be featured for…six weeks to two months.

Stories That Have Already Been Featured:
First Do No Harm
Take Me By the Hand
Rest in Pieces
Two Strikes
Sliding Door
Carly and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
The Witness
Hand Me Down

Poll Ends 31 July 2014!

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April 24, 2014

So I’m not the best at naming stories, haha. I named Tangle in 2008, before I even knew what I was going to do with it. And I haven’t liked it since about Chapter 3, six years ago. ย So before I relaunch the rewritten version, I want to rename it. But again, I suck at naming stuff. Ha. Anyway.

Here’s a brief preview of what story is going to be about to help your poll choice. There are no spoilers below, as all this information would be revealed in Chapter 1.

Set in 2024. Elizabeth disappeared with a trace in November 2010, leaving Jason to raise their three children (Cam, Jake and Juliet) by himself, though he’s been assisted by their large extended family.

Lucky Spencer, divorced from Sam and sharing custody of their pre-teen daughter, has never given up on Elizabeth’s case, vowing to find out what happened to her, even if it it’s just to put her at rest. Once a year, he looks into her case, trying to find an angle he’s never investigated before. He discovers a serial killer who abducted petite brunettes from Virginia, West Virginia and southern Pennsylvania during the time period Elizabeth vanished. It’s a long shot, but he’s grasping at straws after nearly fourteen years.

Nadine and Johnny had a vicious and bitter divorce after he slept with Lulu Spencer, and their daughter Amalia is often caught between the middle, as a pawn. Robin and Carly have joined reluctant forces to raise Elizabeth’s children with all the love and devotion she would have given them herself.

Cam and Morgan return from a sojourn to Europe to spend the summer in Port Charles, surrounded by their closest friends and family, which includes Jake and Juliet, Morgan’s sister Cece; Mal Drake, Molly Lansing, and Kristina Davis.

So, my ideas for titles are in the poll below. If you hate them all, just comment and let me know. I hope to post this story in the next three weeks, so hopefully I’ve got it renamed by then.

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April 19, 2014

So this is something I’ve been considering off and on about my completed stories, and even the planned ones. Every once in a while, I get an idea that isn’t really a short story, but it won’t be a full-length one with lots of chapters. I generally write long short stories, between 10-21,000 words if I’m not writing 1500 or massive 100,000 word stories.

But sometimes, I think readers click on a story with a summary that they’re looking forward to, only to learn it’s a short story of no more than 20,000 words. For example, First Do No Harm is 12, 258 words long, and those of you who’ve read it, know it’s because it’s about a specific plot that is resolved, but the relationships aren’t.

So my question is: Would you prefer if I came up with a way to organize my stories so that you know going in how long they are? For example, if I labeled stories like A Few Words Too Many (currently clocking in at 101, 224 words) as a novel, stories like Shadows at 20, 921 words as novellas and First Do No Harm and If I Don’t Try With You as novelettes, while keeping anything under 5,000 word count in the short stories section.

Click yes if this something you’d like. and click no if you don’t want it, but also if you don’t care. It wouldn’t take a lot of work, but if it’s honestly something that only concerns me, I’m not really going to worry about it ๐Ÿ˜›


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