This was intended to be a sequel to Jaded, in which Elizabeth and Jason get together despite his shutting out the world when Sonny was killed in the car blast that actually killed Lily on the show.


Began several years after Jaded finished and in a relatively alternate universe in which Elizabeth was a brand new character.

Fiction Graveyard

So one of the major reasons I decided not to continue this story was the return of Robin in 2005. When I originally wrote Jaded and this story as well, I was still working off my mad from the way Robin told AJ the truth in 1999. While I’ve come to agree with the notion of her telling the truth, she did it in order to hurt Jason, who had just broken up with her. Her sentiments were not nearly as noble as she tried to pretend they were.

Anyway. Once Robin was back on my screen, I started to remember all the reasons I used to love and writing her as a villain because impossible. I will likely not return to this story.

However, somewhere out there on the Internet, there is a missing fourth chapter. So if anyone ever finds out, I’d love to post it as well.


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