Another Anniversary :)

I’ll be honest — this nearly passed me by, but the seminal Jake’s scene happened eighteen years ago today. August 27, 1999. I actually missed them the first time around. When Lucky died, I took a break from GH. I love Liason, but Jonathan Jackson!Lucky was my first crush and I pretty much cried for a month. I was fifteen and I thought the world was over because Liz and Lucky were done, and they’d burned my true love in a fire. Would you believe that my mother didn’t let me stay home?

So I tuned back in when Lucky came from the dead, and my God, was I punished for it. I’m sorry to Jacob Young, but seriously — he made me hate Lucky for YEARS. It wasn’t until Greg Vaughan came on that I could look at my beloved again.

But I was watching in the summer of 2000 and I immediately saw how amazing Liason could be, but alas Jason left and I went with him. I tuned in and out due to high school, but after graduation in 2002, I was recovering from foot surgery and I started to watch during Elizabeth’s kidnapping. The rest is history.

So thanks to Twitter for the reminders and GIFS. We’re a crazy fanbase to still be going strong after all the knocks we’ve taken but I’m proud to be a member of it.

Writing is still going really well. I got little stuck on a few chapters in the middle of Mad World — crucial scenes that I rewrote several times before moving on. I tweeted a few times about it, so make sure you’re following me on Twitter to keep up.

I broke through the damn and I’m about halfway through the first draft. I have just enough time to finish the first draft before school really heats up next week, so once that draft is done, I’ll have a better idea when you can expect it. I’m leaning towards November. Once I start posting, though, you’ll have the assurance that it is completely done and there won’t be any hiatuses.


  • thanks for letting us know and take you time, your stories is worth the wait.

    According to Shelly Samuel on August 27, 2017
  • What she said. Although…do have any assurances to make re: Damaged?


    According to EternalLiason on August 28, 2017
  • What Shelly said… Although, do you have any assurances re: Damaged?


    According to EternalLiason on August 28, 2017
  • You are too demanding of yourself. You could totally string us along and keep us happy with just new flash fictions instead of full-length efforts like Mad World. You know that, right?

    According to Living Liason on August 30, 2017