Apologies for the Disappearing Act! (+ Preview Chapter of Broken Girl)

Hello! The last time I checked in was with a site & story status post. I made another about two weeks ago on YouTube, intending to get back and post a text version here but then I got sick — again. So let me recap —

I had a great writing month in February. I wrote about 77k words for Broken Girl, and got very close to finishing. I was actually on target to finish early — until I got slammed with a reallly bad cold. Don’t worry — I never ran a fever or had any Covid-19 symptoms, but it basically took me out for a week. And just as I started to feel better, I got a second cold. This happens to me a lot — I have a really crappy immune system and generally catch a few in a row once the initial welcome mat is laid out.

So just as I was starting to recover, the world kind of…fell apart. I live in NJ and some positive cases of Covid-19 are in my county. Instead of using my evenings for writing, I had to start planning for remote learning. We’re closed in my district as of Tuesday, and the first three days have been interesting. It’s been hard to get in the right frame of mind for writing, to be honest.

I blew through my first dead line of March 14, and I’m likely to miss my second deadline of March 23. However, I’m starting Chapter 24 tonight, and I have seven more chapters to finish. I can still finish by that final March 31 deadline. The only drawback is not having a lot of time for Mad World Discovery. I’m okay with that — it’s not a new project, but the final book in an ongoing story and large pieces are figured out. Post-production might be longer, but we’re still good for Camp NaNoWriMo in April.

So let’s get our minds off the crazy stuff going on outside our door! I posted a bonus preview on Patreon open to the public — Chapter One of For the Broken Girl!



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