Book 2 is here!

I cannot believe I finally get to schedule this update! I’ll be posting new chapters every Monday & Thursday.

I finished the first draft and preliminary edits on July 15, but I got super sick right after and wasn’t able to finish revising and rewriting some of the scenes. That’s not going to affect posting here but since I might be rewriting a few scenes right up against the deadline for another week, I will only be posting the chapters here at the site. It’s easier to update and fix any missed typos if they’re on one site. It should be done in another week or so.

A lot of thanks to Ang and to Cora for reading this over and for all of you that have kept up with the site and left reviews for Book 1. I’m excited for you guys to see where I take the story.

Book 3 is loosely plotted already, but a lot of the details and subplots haven’t been developed yet so I’ll be interested in what characters and stories you like in Book 2 which has more of an ensemble feel. I hope you like this!

Chapter 20


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