Broken Girl Updated!

Your Update Link: For the Broken Girl, Chapter 1

Hey! Thanks so much for the great response to the first chapter. It was great to see that you guys picked up on the awkwardness between Jason and Elizabeth — that was the reason I added the Prologue. I wanted a transition scene between the basic lack of contact during 2005 and the scene you’ll read in Chapter 1.

I’m working on the posting draft — that’s my cleaned up and tweaked version of the story. I’m done through Chapter 12, but hit a bit snag today. Just had kind of a blah day and couldn’t stand being at my desk any longer. I’m going to get back into it tomorrow and try to be done by the end of the week.

We found out yesterday at NJ schools are going to be closed for the rest of the year and, even though I was expecting it, I think I was hoping we might be back anyway. I just wish I’d known March 16 was the last day with my kids. I don’t have a job with the district next year yet, so I might not even get to see them again. So just trying to wrap my mind around it.

Being able to look forward to you guys reading this after all this time is keeping my spirits up. Thanks to everyone who read the prologue and left a review!


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