Change in Updating Schedule

sitenewsSo! This was my first week back at work. It was a short week, only three days, but I definitely can see a change in updating is going to have to happen. I’m working as a teacher’s aide for a company called Source4Teachers, which is like a staffing agency for teachers. I pick where I want to work and when, so some weeks I’ll work all five days and maybe I’ll work one day a week. Depends on the quality of the job available.

Anyway! So what I’ll do is schedule all the posts I want to do on the weekend, so that chapters will still go up on this site on their regularly scheduled days. Fiction Graveyard on Mondays, The Best Thing on Wednesdays, and All We Are on Fridays.  Then on the weekend, I’ll do any necessary clean ups and post to, Archive of Our Own, and Road to Nowhere. So Crimson Glass, the website, will have the chapters first, so make sure you sign up for the updates, because now you never know when I’ll get around to posting elsewhere!

That’s my change — in order to keep some semblance of schedule. That being said, all of this week’s updates have been moved to this morning. (And ha, I’m actually scheduling and writing all of this on Thursday evening to test the system).

Another bright spot for you guys — I’ve mentioned that I write a lot at Starbucks but I don’t always get out there because I’ve been borrowing my father’s car during the week. I finally got a car yesterday, so I can do what I want when I want, so yay!fiction

Your Fiction Graveyard updates are pretty small this week — mostly because I’m testing the new scheduling system, so I didn’t want to overload it. I’ve posted the last three chapters of Shadows as well as the rest of the original outline.  I’ll post Lupercalia, Shatter, and Poisonous Dreams next week if all goes well. We’ll work out the kinks. I had another unused scene for Shadows, Chapter 16, I wanted to post but I can’t locate it at the moment.

storyIn normal story news, I have The Best Thing and All We Are updates. TBT was moved to today just because I was soo tired after working with pre-k and fourth graders all week, then spending the evening at a car dealership for my new car. And All We Are is normally posted today. I hope you guys like both chapters.

Damaged news! As I promised those of you who follow me on Facebook, I have news! I have nailed down the rest of my storylines and the changes I want to make. I’m going to spend the next three days working out damagedthe kinks and getting the website ready for those changes, but I will have a new episode for you guys on Monday!

Your Additions
The Best Thing, Chapter 20
All We Are, Chapter 4
Shadows, Chapters 13-15 & Outline

Minor Update: So the scheduling worked for the most part. Everything posted. The only problem was that the chapters in Shadows were out of order. I’ve fixed that now and hope I can avoid that problem next week.


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