Double Flash Fiction Update + New series!

Your Update Links: Whatever It Takes, Part 5 and Darkest Before the Dawn, Part 1

Hey! You’re not blind — that’s a new Flash Fiction series I’m starting today. I was, in no way, planning to do this, LOL. But then Tania asked me to rewrite a story from 2016 yesterday, and my brain basically exploded. I couldn’t imagine waiting another month before one of my current series were done, so I’m going to update this new one Sundays and then pick a random day throughout the week to double up.

I’m really excited about this — it’s set in 2012 and is basically — what happens if Steve Burton doesn’t leave? Because we know that his leaving wasn’t planned and they had to cut a ton of story and rewrite things to make it happen.  I’m going to write this in three parts — each part rewrites a terrible Elizabeth story from 2012-2017, but it’s all set as if Jason doesn’t reunite with Sam and go off the pier.

In other news, I’m working on the Bittersweet subsite. I created the images and cover today, and started on the ebook. I suspect it should be done on Sunday. I hope you enjoy the new updates and I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another double update.


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