Mad World – New Chapter & Next Project

I spent the weekend working on revisions and managed to finish up five more chapters. The first fourteen chapters required more work than the last seventeen or so just because I substantially rewrote two early subplots and added some more scenes I felt were missing. I already scheduled both chapters for this week — today’s and Thursday’s.

I know I said I’d have another sample chapter up for a second poll, but, ha, a funny thing happened. I wrote the Fool Me Twice sample and, um, I want to write it. I started working on the plot sketch and it’s looking like it might be about as long as the first two books of Mad World which means I think I might break it into two books overall.

If I break it into two, I’ll work on Broken Girl in between. That is…also a really long project that might end up as two books because of the narrative I planned. Right now, those look like the next two major projects. I won’t know what kind of schedule or release date until I dig into the draft. I still need to work out the subplots and timeline which I’m going to be doing at the same time I finish Book 2 revisions. Hoping to start writing by mid-late August.

Remember as you read Book 2 to note what characters you’re enjoying. I’ve written some bread crumbs in for Book 3 so I have lots of options. I have my Liason/Carson story, so I just need to fill out the rest of it.

Enjoy this week’s chapters and remember to reply and leave a review!

Chapter 21


  • Thank you for remembering Scott and Dominique, one of the sweetest love stories GH ever told. I always thought they eclipsed L&L by far because Luke was too flawed and then there was that pesky rape thing.

    According to Jane on August 5, 2019
  • If you want to write Fool Me Twice, I say go for it! That first chapter was amazing!

    According to Melinda on August 6, 2019
  • Loved the new chapters!!! You’ve done a great job identifying the subplots that needed more development or detail. And, while I was not in the Fool Me Twice camp, I know if anyone can make me want to read about that time period, it’s you! Can’t wait to see what you do with the story.

    According to LivingLiason on August 6, 2019