Mad World Update

Here’s your Thursday update: Mad World – Chapter Twenty Four.

August is a special month for the Liason fanbase, and following the #Liason20 hashtag at Twitter will keep you up to date on all the screencaps, videos, and memories being shared by active members. It’s hard to believe it’s been twenty years since that day in August when our favorite couple saw each other through different eyes — they didn’t meet on August 27 for the first time, but it’s definitely the day Jason stopped being just Emily’s brother.

I’m writing this on August 14, and it will be posted on August 15 — two landmark anniversary dates for us. The Vista Point Kiss in 2002 and of course the Night of Passion in 2006. I was spoiled for the NOP and wrote Choose Your Moment in anticipation, thinking that we weren’t going to get anything all that great. This was the one time when GH’s writing far out paced anything I could have written for Liason. Guza went above and beyond in those glorious scenes. A love letter to those of us who had waited for so long.

I’m nearly finished editing the posting draft of Mad World — I finished Chapter 40 today, and will get through four more chapters tomorrow. I was hoping to finish on Friday, but I ended up adding an extra chapter at the very end of the story which might end pushing my final date to Saturday.That’s no worry– that’s the date of completion on the Production schedule. I was just hoping for a day off, ha.

I start writing Fool Me Twice‘s alpha draft on Sunday, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m working on the chapter breakdown now as well as putting together a preliminary soundtrack. So far I’ve broken down 12 chapters — based on what I know is left, I’m thinking it might be around 30 chapters, give or take a few in either direction. It will definitely be split into two books, the second of which will be coming later in 2020 or 2021.

You can check out the soundtrack now on Spotify or YouTube if you’re interested.


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