Mad World updated!

Hey guys! It’s Monday, so that you means you get an update of Mad World. This is the first chapter I’ve labeled with a content warning for the final scene. You can skip that scene if you need to, or read half of it. There will be probably two or three other chapters labeled with a warning. For more details (and minor spoilers), you can check out the Content Notes page at the Mad World sub site.

In other news, thanks for the feedback on the Production Schedule and new Patreon tiers. I’m on schedule to begin the first draft of Fool Me Twice next Saturday, and I’m super excited about it. I’ve been breaking it down all week, and I’m actually looking forward to writing a story that requires a Sam POV. A lot of my recent stuff has all been set prior to her arrival in 2006, and she’s not been a major character in any of that. FMT will have four POVs characters I’ll be following, and Sam is one of them. I’m going to be trying for a sympathetic view of her, akin to the way I’ve written Courtney in A Few Words, Bittersweet, and The Best Thing.

A couple of housekeeping notes: The Currently Working status has been updated with the list of all the projects I’m scheduled to work with for the next four months as well as links to the Production Schedule and the Future Projects page. Future Projects (Coming Soon) has been reorganized alphabetically. I’m working on refining the copy.

I also created a GIF for Fool Me Twice to serve as the story’s featured image for CG.

Fool Me Twice

I’m hoping once Mad World, Books 1 & 2 have been fully formatted into an ebook, I’ll be able to go back and work on ebooks for the rest of my backlist.

Enjoy today’s chapter and I’ll see you guys back here on Thursday!

Mad World – Chapter 23


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