New Chapter!

Your Update Link: Mad World – Chapter Thirty-Nine

Another early morning update! I got my haircut yesterday and stopped by my parents’ new house and then my cousin brought over her three month old perfect baby, and well…my Sunday got away from me, heh.

Last week was killer — progress reports were due and students were rushing to catch up with all their work — I spent a few hours after school staying to help them. Crazy. Hoping this week won’t be as insane. I’ve been writing FMT (officially halfway done, so excited about that) and finalizing the plans to break them apart. I’ve also worked on the plot sketch for MW3. After FMT, I’m going to work on Broken Girl, then MW3, then come back to FMT, Book 2. So I want to be ready with the basics of the plot.

Hoping to get some flash fiction this week 🙂


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