No Bittersweet This Week

Some family issues have prevented the Bittersweet update this week, guys. My apologies 🙂 I hope we’ll be back next week. I was trying to think of something I could post to make  upfor it.

I was looking through my files to see if there are snippets of things I haven’t posted yet and have been playing with. What I found is an un-posted chapter for a project I never finished writing: Collision.

I’ve mentioned it a few times and even posted a prologue a long time ago, but I never posted the rest of my material. So I thought as a hold over, I’d post Chapter 1. The prologue has the notes and context for the story–but it picks up the show after 2006’s virus storyline, and moves the story into 2007.

It was going to be an alternate version of the show (like Damaged) with huge umbrella storylines, but understandably, I haven’t gotten into it since I started writing Damaged. The main storyline is still something I want to revisit at some point, but there’s no harm in giving you completed material since most of it wouldn’t make into a revised version.

I hope to have Bittersweet next week 🙂 

In other news, Book 1 of Mad World, entitled Break Me Down, is now complete! I posted back in January (I think) that Mad World would be a trilogy. Book 1 takes place in late June-early July 2003 and rewrites the Carly in the Panic Room storyline. It ended up being ensemble story with the PCPD playing a starring role in a way I didn’t expect. It’s 19 chapters, 252 pages, and over 94,000 words long. And it is completely done.

Book 2 will start with Chapter 20 and go into October 2003. I’m starting that tomorrow after taking off today for a bit of a break. Break Me Down just has to go through the beta process, but I am tentatively scheduling it’s release date for October.


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