Return of Bittersweet! (and something else!)

So happy to be bringing Bittersweet back (and for the final time!) I appreciate all of the patience you guys have shown since I originally started writing and posting this story back in 2016, then took a year off, and then again a few months earlier this year.

This chapter is kind of special to me for  two reasons — I really like the Liz and Gia stuff, but also the song at the beginning of the chapter, “In this Room” by Leslie Tucker, is one of my favorite GH song memories. It played back in the Fall of 1998 after Brenda had “died.” Jax got her test results, burned them, and then a montage played of Jax and Brenda in his old penthouse at the Port Charles Hotel. This was during some twilight of GH’s second golden age in the late 1990s when Elizabeth and Lucky were first together.

Someone on a Liz and Lucky mailing list put together an unofficial Liz and Lucky soundtrack which we bought and shared through snail mail. Those were the days, haha. I still have that soundtrack 😉 It has some lovely old memories — a recording of Lucky’s “Elizabeth” song, the Luke and Laura Theme. Performances from the 1998 Nurse’s Ball by Liz, Lucky, Dara, and Taggert — it’s just sweet snippet of my OG ship, Lucky and Elizabeth (the first go around 1997-99).

Anyway, this song was on that soundtrack and I’ve loved it ever since, so when the subject of this chapter came up, I knew immediately which song I would choose.

I’ve also been hard at work on Mad World. I checked in on Saturday with the good progress I had made. I’ve slowed down a bit because I was feeling a bit poorly, but I’ve still written a lot of the story and I wanted to post a small snippet here for you guys: Excerpt, Chapter Nine.

And here’s the link y’all are here for: Bittersweet, Chapter Twenty-Three



  • I keep being surprised by how much I like Elizabeth and Gia as friends. It makes me wish GH hadn’t kept Gia as a snake.

    I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I appreciate your nice long chapters. They make the wait worthwhile.

    Thanks. Excellent chapter and excerpt.

    According to Jane on July 11, 2018