Story Status Update – 18 February 2016

Happy Saturday! I hope you guys enjoyed the end of The Best Thing (and by the responses, you guys did, I’m so glad!). As promised, the pink has gone. We have new colors, I fixed some long standing color issues and design kinks. ┬áHere’s a status update so you can see where my head this ­čÖé

Site Status

Looking back to the August status update, I only managed to check off one of the items on that list of things I hoped to accomplish, namely I added the By Length feature. As far as I know, all stories that need to be have been tagged, so if you’re looking for stories based on how long they are, that’s the feature for you.

I did, however, overhaul the layout of the site and add more functionality and decluttered the page. Hopefully things are easier to find now. Let me know if they’re not.

What I want to concentrate on this year is mostly the ebooks. I introduced the idea but I’ve never put the time or effort into releasing one every month, which shouldn’t be that difficult. So that’s my plan to get on that schedule, beginning with The Best Thing this weekend.

Fiction Graveyard┬áhas not return because the stories that are left require heavy editing and it’s pretty annoying to do it, ha. I do plan to finish that section, but I’m not going to pretend I know what it’ll happen. It’s not a priority.

Just for a bit of fun, Crimson Glass has 893 posts, 98 pages, and 1,253 comments. We average anywhere from 200-900 views a day, which is pretty awesome. I’m pretty happy with the traffic and community that’s built up over the last two years.

Story Status

I’m going to try to be as comprehensive as I possibly can about all the projects on the table.

Bittersweet has nine chapters written, but I’m working on handful of scenes before I email the chapters to Cora. Once I finish those scenes, I will immediately start writing the next chunk of chapters, with the plan in my head that by the time Cora returns the first nine, I can send her the next nine. And then, with sixteen-eighteen chapters actually completed, I’ll start posting. I want to have a huge buffer because I don’t want to have long periods of time without posting. ┬áThe March date is not going to work, but if I can finish those six scenes this week, April might work better.

Damaged is being pulled off the March schedule as well. While I have the overarching Season 3 stories planned, actually finding time to write them has been very difficult. However, like Season 2, once I get into writing it, it will go much faster. I’ve been studying the structure of episodes written for television. Grey’s Anatomy has a similar structure with season long stories, bigger and broader storylines told over several seasons, and then smaller stories broken up. I think modeling that structure will make the story feel more satisfying. I’ll keep you updated.

After that, my schedule is a bit more fluid. I plan to do Mad World, which is outlined and storyboarded. I just haven’t written it yet. I’ve taken Feels Like Home and Burn in Heaven back to the outline stages–there were some pieces that just didn’t work for me, so before I try to work on chapters, I want to make sure the flow works better.

These Small Hours, Counting Stars, Fallen From Grace, and For the Broken Girl remain in outline status. They haven’t moved up in priority, but every once in a while when I want to work on something fresh, I pull them out.

So where does that leave us? No stories until April at the earliest? Maybe. I hope not. I’m working on some smaller short stories. I had some ideas for a collection of alternate universe stories set in different historical periods. Some of those are closer to being written than others. I know I promised more content this year, and I still want to do it. I could start posting Bittersweet tomorrow, but it’s not ready and I’m not satisfied with it yet.

I’ll keep you guys posted and hopefully will have some great short stories for you soon!


  • Thanks for the info and possible schedule for posting of updates. I love the new page colors and set up. The stats are wonderful; I am jazzed at all you have going on and are planning to do. It is really appreciated since I know you are killer busy.

    According to Carla on February 20, 2016
  • Loving the new colours as well – of course it helps that green is my favourite colour LOL. It looks lovely and I am going to spend some serious time delving around.

    According to Jo-Ann on February 21, 2016
  • Missing your wonderful stories. Counting down days until April arrives and hoping against hope that as crazy busy as you must be with school, you’ve still found time to write, polish and are ready to publish. I hope you’ve been well (not just because i want stories:)).

    According to Living LIason on March 24, 2016
  • Just going to note . . . it’s April. Hoping that means the hiatus is over and we will soon see your stories return. (And, this is as opposite from “April fools” as you can get:)

    According to Living Liason on April 1, 2016