Alternate Realities

What is an alternate reality? For the most part, even my longer novels begin with a point on the show and then end at when a particular storyline is resolved.

Alternate Realities are the opposite. I pick the show up at some point, and I just keep writing. For Hand Me Down, it’s a massive series of stories all set in the same universe, beginning in 2008 (though most of these stories are on the drawing board at the moment), and in the case of Damaged, I’m really trying to write it more like the show.

Because these stories don’t get updated in the same way or time frame as the normal stories, I’m separating them from the regular stories.

damaged Damaged
Begins in 2014, a rewrite of the entire show. After AJ Quartermaine is murdered, Port Charles looks to move on, either to forget what they’ve done or learn to live with what they know.
Status: Ongoing. Click website for more.
Couples/Characters: Monica, Tracy, Elizabeth, Dante/Lulu, Sonny, Todd/Carly, Michael/Starr, Nikolas, Britt, Victor, Robin, Ned, Dillon, and more.
Hand Me Down
Beginning in 2024, the next generation of the Morgan, Zacchara, Jacks, Corinthos, Drake and Davis families take center stage as they deal with the fall out of their parents’ choices and their own futures.
Status: If I Don’t Try With You posted 16 April 2014 (the Liason prequel!)
Couples/Characters: Jason/Elizabeth, Patrick/Robin, Jax/Carly, Johnny/Nadine, etc.